2015 Russia International Youth Forums – Moscow, Russia (Funded)

2015 Russia International Youth Forums – Moscow, Russia (Funded)

Deadline: May 25, 2015

Applications are now open for the 2015 Russian International Youth Educational Forums. The annual InterSeliger Forum has now been replaced by 4 international forums that will take place on a whole new level and in some of Russia’s most beautiful and unique locations. The new forums offer participants an intuitive educational model, higher quality food and accommodation, and most importantly – mobility – to enable them explore Russia beyond Lake Seliger, and develop a network of international youth communities based on common professional and recreational interests.

Every year, the Russian Federal Agency for Youth Affairs organizes different bilateral youth programs. This year, they invite youth worldwide to apply to attend the one of the 2015 Russia International Youth Forums, taking place in Moscow, Russia from June – September, 2015.

Russian Youth Educational Forums

This summer and fall, you are invited to choose from the following list of international forums that will take place throughout Russia and prove to be more unique and exciting than anything you have previously experienced.

  • Terra Scientia International Youth Forum – a forum on Klyazma River in Russia’s Vladimir Region, which will run from June to August and feature 7 sessions with simultaneous translation from Russian to English. The session topics are:
    • Young leaders – June 27 — July 03
    • Young politicians – July 05 — July 11
    • Young journalists – July 13 — July 19
    • Youth NGO’s and civil activists – July 21 — July 27
    • Young economists, financiers and entrepreneurs – July 29 — August 04
    • Young engineers, inventors and innovators – August 06 — August 12
    • Young ecologists – August 14 — August 20
  • Tavrida International Youth Forum – a forum on the Black Sea in Russia’s Republic of Crimea, which will run from July to September and feature 6 sessions with simultaneous translation from Russian to English. The session topics are:
    • Young architects, designers and urbanists (July 10 – July 16);
    • Young writers and poets (July 18 – July 24);
    • Young historians (July 26 – August 1);
    • Young painters and sculptors (August 3 – August 9);
    • Theater, film and drama (August 11 – August 17);
    • Young musicians (August 19 – August 25).
  • Baltic Artek – a forum on the Baltic Sea in Russia’s Kaliningrad Region, which will take place from July 15 to July 23. The forum will focus on the Russian identity and a simultaneous translation from Russian to English will be provided.
  • The Islands – a forum on Sakhalin and Iturup Islands in Russia’s Sakhalin Region. The dates are yet to be determined (presumably early September). The Forum will focus on the development of Russia’s Far East and entrepreneurship. A simultaneous translation from Russian to English will be provided.

What to Expect

  • A unique educational program
  • Foresight sessions
  • VIP guests and speakers
  • Project presentations (With the opportunity to win grants)
  • Sports and healthy living
  • Evening entertainment

Benefits and Cost

The Russian Federal Agency for Youth Affairs will cover all programs costs including visa, accommodation, local transport within Russia, meals and other program costs.

Participants only have to cover their international roundtrip airfare from their home countries to Moscow, Russia.


  • Open to youth worldwide
  • You must be between the ages of 18 and 30 to participate in any of the Forums
  • Young leaders, politicians, journalists, NGO’s and civil activists, economists, financiers and entrepreneurs, engineers, inventors, innovators and ecologists are welcome to apply

How to Apply

If one or more of the forums listed above are of interest to you, please take a moment to fill out the following online form so that they can get back to you with more information and application instructions.

Currently, applications are available for the Terra Scientia and Tavrida Forums.

For more information, visit International Youth Forum Seliger Facebook Page.