Career, Tech and Centre County Students: The Right Mix?

With career and tech education seeing renewed excitement, you might ask, how do centre county students benefit?

More people are looking towards tech education. You have many new companies coming up like Betway online casino Uganda, and you know that you cannot do without knowing the tech stuff.

It’s why everyone from lawmakers, educational practitioners, to people in business and even online gamers on Betway are looking to understand more about the tech world.

However, there has been a growing concern that fewer students are getting involved in CTE. Here is all the information that you need to know about CTE and the benefits it accrues to Centre County students.

What is Career and tech education?

Career and tech education, popularly known as vocational training, is is a field which specializes in various areas such as applied sciences, skilled trade, modern technologies, and career preparation. CTE programs can either be academic-oriented or career-oriented courses which students can undertake. The CTE programs give the students a chance to gain experience through internships, industry certification, job shadowing and on the job training.

What career paths are offered by CTE?

CTE programs are determined by three factors; size, location and the mission of the CTE. They offer various career paths such as automotive technology, plumbing, construction, architecture, culinary, forestry, healthcare, fashion and design, and veterinary services.

What levels of education offer CTE?

CTE programs are offered at almost all levels of education, from middle school, high school, community colleges, post-secondary schools, to other certification programs. For instance, at the secondary school levels, CTE is offered by regional centers that provide their help to multiple schools and districts. The local centers operate as part of the public school network. In New York, the Boards of Cooperative Educational Services which is a regional center is an open network that operates in 37 CTEs.

However, there are instances whereby high school students can enroll in separate CTE courses. They do not need to take the course as it is not part of the regular curriculum.

How do Centre County students benefit?

The implementation of the CTE into the co-curricular has accrued various benefits to the students. Here is a look at some of them, and how it can help you in your career, whether you just want to bet online on Betway or are looking to make your name in the tech industry.

#1. They equip students with certificates.

It is without a doubt that there is a widening gap in the evolving workforce. However, CTE programs offer students with the relevant skills which are needed to close this gap. The certification program will provide the students with the necessary skills to stand out from the rest of the workforce.

#2. Career exploration

One of the most common issues in High school is students being torn to choose a career path. However, with CTE programs students can explore various career programs which are vital in ensuring that they are headed in the right direction.

#3. Getting into new industries.

The next generation of workers will be more tech equipped. They will be more into social media and the digital world. The CTE programs embrace this future.

Let us know what you think about CTE programs and if they are benefiting county students.

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