The Latest Research: 11 Jobs with the Highest Divorce rates

The Latest Research: 11 Jobs with the Highest Divorce rates

If you have never thought of choosing the right career that will not negatively influence the family, then it is worth considering one that would reduce the chances of divorce for those intending to remain married.

More often than not, people make considerations that do not relate in any way to relationships, and they end up finding that they struggle in their marriages for the better time they live together.

In most cases, people think about salary, benefits such as medical, days off, vacations, holidays, and settle for a job that would affect them later in life. However, it’s worth knowing some of the jobs with the highest divorce rates to minimize chances of divorce should one decide to get married. carried out research in Massachusetts devoted to jobs that are connected to high divorce rates. So let’s get started.

  1. Dancers.

This is a career that involves two partners being in tune with one another while dancing. As they continue with their job, friendship takes place, and eventually, they become intimate partners whereby the parties start engaging in extramarital affairs.

At the same time, your legally married partner is not a dancer. Conflicts arise, and people cannot stand any longer and end up breaking their marriages.

  1. Gaming Cage Workers.

The job of a gaming worker involves carrying out financial transactions in casinos. People who play in casinos are fond of drinking and gambling, and as they get carried away by the excitement of the games, they fall into the trap of infidelity with the cage workers.

In the same case, as they continue to touch hard cash that they receive from their customers, they fall prey to unfaithfulness and find themselves in a hard rock position about divorce and free money.

  1. Nurses.

Becoming a nurse is a passion, and if this passion is not exercised with due diligence, then it does not end up well. In the first instance, nurses spend most of their time attending to patients whom they can develop intimacy with. After all, these are people they meet daily, and as such, they end up falling in love with the patients and fall into the trap of becoming unfaithful.

The reason behind this is all about the stress that nurses go through, which include long working hours and working with shifts. This minimizes the time they spend with their families and as they release the tension, they become unfaithful to their partners because of living in a strained marriage.

  1. Massage Therapists.

Think of that touch that one experiences in a therapy center, the relaxing mood, and a glowing intimacy. As one continues to attend to the customers, it happens that the body’s reaction towards the opposite sex begins to rise.

As one continues having these types of customers, sweet love starts growing, dating picks the momentum, and eventually, the therapists become intimate with their clients. This often leads to unfaithfulness and divorce.

Most therapists have very strained marriages or no marriage at all.

  1. Bartenders.

People who work in bars look forward to giving their customers the best customer service excellence. Little does it dawn on them that the customer service they offer ends up becoming a relationship that becomes a flirting exercise. Customers especially seduce the bartenders who in turn reciprocate positively and consequently run away from their marriages.

  1. Entertainers.

In most cases, entertainers become celebs by default. They often attract many crowds and end up falling in love with one or two of their followers. Mostly, they find themselves having intimate relationships with a line of their followers of which they may not know each other.

As time goes, they can no longer hold themselves to their families.

This is because they may not be in their homes for most of the time, and when they travel far away, they end up in infidelity with the newly found friends and forget about their families.

  1. Factory workers.

It may be shocking to find that the rate of divorce for factory workers is high. First of all, there is a need to consider that these are people whose profession does not entice them to advance their careers. With that, they do not have anything that would make their mind crack the nuts.

The other reason is mostly that they are in a low paying profession. Due to the financial constraints, they go through; they end up involving themselves in extramarital activities and consequently end up in divorce.

This is a possible surprise, but this is an absolute fact that factory workers have a high rate of separation.

  1. Switchboard assistants.

If you have ever visited a large company with switchboard assistants, it’s evident enough that these people go through a very straining career. Some people call only to seduce them, yet they are well aware that the workers are legally married. In a bid to release the stress that they have gone through the day, they may find themselves in a fix and engaging in infidelity.

Others may have had a stressful day ranging from targets given by their bosses to call and provide reports on the customer’s feedback. Other customers may reciprocate negatively to the calls, which makes the assistant angry.

If they extend their anger to their spouses, it gets to the point that their spouses cannot take it anymore, and the result is divorce.

  1. Ambulance Drivers and Attendants.

Drivers and the attendants get engaged in transporting people who emergency hospitals need support. An ambulance driver must be online literally 24 hours a day and can be called out at any time to support. Working for long hours end up straining a marriage, and the couples find that they do not have time for each other. Either of them may engage with other relationships which more often than not, end up breaking a marriage.

The long working hours are also a cause of a high divorce rate of which being an ambulance driver; one must work for those extra hours increases the chances of a breakup.

  1. Machine Operators.

Come to think about the long working hours, sometimes extended night shifts and working during the weekends. This makes the operators keep off from their families and may end up becoming unfaithful with their colleagues at work who the pend most of their time with. Once they get home, they are already tired, and in most cases, do not have time for their families.

  1. Flight Attendants.

If there is a profession where people keep away from home, it is the job of a flight attendant.

They often find themselves taking overnight flights while their families are home and will rarely meet with them. During their off days, their spouse is most likely working; this builds a gap that breaks a marriage very fast.


In marriage, it takes a lot of sacrifices to make it happen.

However, the careers mentioned above do not necessarily end up breaking people’s marriages, the one and most important thing are to ensure that one is sober enough while at work.

It’s imperative also to be open to colleagues and clients and let them know ones stand to try and mitigate chances of breaking a marriage that was well thought of and made to last.

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