2013 Anzisha Prize: Apply!

Deadline: April 1. 2013

Applications are now accepted for the 2013 Anzisha Prize. The Anzisha Prize is an initiative of the African Leadership Academy Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership in partnership with the MasterCard Foundation. The Anzisha Prize is the premier award for African entrepreneurs aged 15-22 who have developed and implemented innovative businesses or solutions that have a positive impact on their communities. The Prize seeks to award young innovators who have developed and implemented innovative solutions to challenges facing their communities.


  • Applicants must be between the ages of 15 and 22.
  • Innovations in all fields (science and technology, civil society, arts and culture, sports, etc.) will be considered by the Prize Committee.
  • Some projects are carried out by small groups or teams that see themselves as equal. Should this be the case with your project, the primary initiator who assembled the project team should apply for the prize on behalf of the group. Should the group be named a finalist, only the primary initiator of the winning group will attend the workshop in South Africa, though winnings may be shared amongst the group.

The Prize

Fifteen finalists from across Africa will win an all-expenses paid trip to South Africa to be a part of a week-long entrepreneurship workshop and conference at the African Leadership Academy campus on the outskirts of Johannesburg. The grand prize winners, selected from these finalists, will collectively receive cash prizes worth $75,000 USD as well as access to lifelong mentorship that can be provided by Anzisha Prize’s vast network of individual partners, organizations, and youth leaders.

Judging Criteria

Applicants will be judged on:

  • Impact: Are you affecting the lives of others? Efforts have a demonstrated, measurable and positive outcome.
  • Ingenuity: Is your project unique or innovative? Applicants take a new and better approach to a pressing problem in their community.
  • Scalability: Do you have the potential to create jobs? Solutions have the potential to be replicated in communities facing similar challenges.


Applications that arrive after the deadline will not be evaluated. Finalists will be notified in July 2013. The entrepreneurship workshop and conference will take place in August 2013.

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