OD Mentorship

Opportunity Desk is the one stop for all global opportunity, bringing to the table information and reminders about several global opportunities for youth around the world! Due to high demand from our numerous users, we are pleased to officially launch – The Opportunity Desk Mentorship Program! Through the OD mentorship program, we will provide support to our regular users seeking advice with their applications to global opportunities.


Every member of our audience is eligible to take part in this mentorship program. However, you have to be applying to any opportunity published on the OD website – www.opportunitydesk.org.


For Mentees:

  • Essay, Resume & CV editing!
  • Application advice from experienced students & professionals

For Mentors:

  • Mentors who consistently mentored an OD audience for 6 a months duration (i.e at least 1 mentee/month) will receive a signed OD e-certificate.
  • Mentors who serve for 1 year or more will receive a signed letter of recommendation from OD Founder
  • More benefits to be determined!

OD Mentorship

How it Works

Every month, our team will select and match mentees to available mentors based on need, interest or shared experiences. The number of selected mentees will be determined by the number of available mentors.

Please note that, mentors can only assist you ONCE per month. So, if you are selected for a particular month, you will need to apply again with a link to a different opportunity in order to be selected.

This process will be reviewed from time to time to ensure we serve everyone better.

Applying to Become a Mentee

Due to time constraint, mentors can only assist you ONCE! So USE IT WISELY! To become a mentee send the following to [email protected]!

  • Complete materials (essays/resumes) and
  • A link to the opportunity you’re applying to

Your e-mail should have the subject heading: “OD Mentorship Program- Mentee”. Applicants with partial materials will not be considered for the mentorship program!


Applying to Become a Mentor

Do you have experiences applying to global opportunities & were you successful with the application? Would you like to become a mentor for a fellow OD audience? If your answers are YES to both question; then please e-mail OD at [email protected]. Be sure to include your resume/CV and concise information about your experiences with global opportunities. Your e-mails should have the subject heading : “OD Mentorship Program – Mentor

*** Note: We will treat each application on a case by case basis and get in touch with only successful applicants for each month. You may apply once every moth if you are not contacted.


For questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected]