Call for Book Donations: SHIINE Academy Project Chose the Right Career (CRiC)!


SHIINE Academy, an organisation whose vision is to eradicate poverty through self discovery of every young person is holding her Season 3 of Project Chose the Right Career (CRiC) in Calabar Cross River State, Nigeria. The project is planned to host 200 students from 20 schools and professional counsellors to interact together.

As part of the program, 200 books will be giving to students and 100 to the school libraries (5 each). The aim is to make available materials that will help Nigerian students utilise the power of education. Project CRiC generally, is organised to give young students opportunities to learn how to turn their passions into their professions.

SHIINE calls on Individuals, groups, organisations and institutions to help build Nigerian students that will not be frustrated in future because of the educational system or professions they don’t like through BOOKS DONATIONS.

Benefits of Donating

  1. There would be recognition (as in list of names of individuals and groups of book donors on SHIINE website and other blogs contacted).
  2. It could be used as a reference for community development for individuals and groups involved.
  3. There would be a certificate of book donor issued to individuals and groups sent to their email address.

How to DONATE:

The fastest and easiest way to donate your books (if within Nigeria) is through ‘waybill’ (sending them through any registered transport company from your location to Calabar). Please contact us before sending.


You could mail it straight to American Corner Calabar Cross River state. (Contact us to provide you with the mailing address).

Deadline for donations is on 2nd of June 2013.

Albert Eisntein was the one who said, “Education is not the learning of facts but training of the mind to think”. Individually together, we can spread this project and help our young students turn their passion into their profession. We are SHIINE’ing’ and we will keep SHIINE’ing’…

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