Apply to attend the IGNITE Enterprise and Employability Training in Lagos, Nigeria

Applications open

The After school Graduate Development Centre (AGDC) in collaboration with the Lagos State Government has launched the Ignite Enterprise and Employability Project to proffer a lasting solution to youth unemployment. The initiative will create an enabling environment which ignites an enterprise culture and optimal professional performance amongst youth in Lagos state.

The overall goal of the Ignite project is to bridge the gap between the products of the Nigerian educational system and the needs of employers of labour. The training content will be competency based and will comprise of modules that will empower our youths with the relevant skills to navigate in our unique employment market, focus will be on skills, knowledge and attitude training

Participants will be exposed to a range of learning experiences through:

  • Case studies and simulations
  • Lectures, role-plays, videos, group exercises and discussions
  • Individual and group presentations
  • Input and experiences of classmates
  • Putting newly acquired skills and knowledge into practice by developing a problem-solving class project

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