Youth Leaders Invited to Apply to Join the World Youth Government (WYG)

Deadline: July 20, 2013

Dear Youth Leaders,

The World Youth Government (WYG) invites applications from you to lead various cabinets. WYG aims at bringing together youth from all over the world with focus on empowering them in various aspects. WYG is the World Youth Leadership and Development organization that coordinates and facilitates youths’ participation in decision-making and development processes, as well as fostering international and inter-governmental corporation and efficiency of governments, governmental and inter-governmental organizations.

Applications are invited for different organizations within the World Youth Government: Currently, the following vacancies are available:

1. World Youth Organization for Science and Technology.
2. World Youth Center Organization.
3. World Youth Organization for Leadership and Governance.
4. World Youth Organization for Child development.
5. World Youth Organization for Education.
6. World Youth Organization for Immigration.

Interested applicants should send their details to [email protected]
*Please note that the positions are on voluntary basis*

For more information about WYG, click here.