Lead with IBM – Students for a Smarter Planet Challenge

Deadline: September  13, 2013

Imagine a world where electrical grids deliver 100% of their energy, we travel without wasting gas, distribution keeps productivity high, financial systems are secure, and everyone everywhere has safe drinking water. What can you imagine to build a smarter planet?

What is your contribution to creating a better world? IBM South Africa invites you to participate in ‘Lead with IBM – Students for a Smarter Planet, which challenges you to solve a case and present your solution in a 2-minute video. Taking part is your chance to lead the way in making the world a smarter place!

Each student that submits a video will receive an eco-friendly green t-shirt and certificate of appreciation from IBM. Participants will also be considered for potential job positions.

About the Challenge

When you enter the challenge you will be presented with a case. Your task is to find a solution for this case and present it in a 2 minute video. The submission should also include a short summary (maximum 500 characters) and a project title. By creating new, innovative solutions for life’s big and small issues, we can make the world a smarter, healthier place.

Ten tips for creating an outstanding video submission

Content tips

  • Tell a story, make it authentic and real.
  • Make it straightforward, relevant, and localized (pertinent to the situation)
  • Provide useful information.
  • Entertain
  • Keep it short. Assume your audience has a 10 second attention span. Keep to your point.

Technical tips

  • Ensure good lighting.
  • If not using an external microphone, but the one built in – stay close!
  • Keep music as background, not everyone has the same taste.
  • Whenever possible, avoid camera shake – use a tripod or something to prop up the camera.
  • Edit out all the hesitations and pauses.


The competition is open for students in South Africa.

For more information, click here.