Calling all Africans: Apply to attend the “African Forum: 100 Innovations for Sustainable Development” in Paris

Deadline: October 15, 2013

Africans are invited to submit their innovations to attend the “African Forum – 100 innovations for sustainable development”. Are you an African citizen? A business representative, an NGO, a locally elected representative or an innovation developer? This call concerns you! Come to present your innovation in Paris. Come to convince, come to disseminate your solutions! Apply for the African Forum – 100 innovations for a sustainable development until October, 15th 2013.

The “African Forum – 100 innovations for sustainable development” will bring together during the Elysée Summit innovation developers who contribute to sustainable development, African entrepreneurship and inclusive growth, and help satisfy the basic needs of populations while offering solutions to social and environmental crises.The Forum brings together the most outstanding financial, technical, technological, social, cultural and environmental innovations that serve enterprise, society and the individual, that reinforce the community and reduce the exclusion of the most vulnerable – notably women exclusion – and that lend themselves to a rapid dissemination.


  • Innovations and their developers will be selected by a French-African jury and invited to Paris.
  • The developers of those innovations will present their work to the Minister Delegate Pascal Canfin, international donors and investors, foundations, researchers and African Heads of State participating in the Elysée Summit.
  • A forum for exchange, a conference and round table of international experts on the conditions for the dissemination of innovation are scheduled.
  • A delegation of innovators will meet the President of the French Republic and African Heads of State.
  • The event will be widely covered by the media.

For further information, please complete the application form before 1 November 2013, together with any useful additional information (illustrations, brochures, assessments).


You are eligible to apply if you are an African citizen, a business representative, an NGO, a locally elected representative or an innovation developer.

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