2014 Global Venture Labs Investment Competition

Deadline: February 21, 2014

The University of Texas is accepting applications for the 2014 Global Venture Labs Investment Competition, which will be held May 1-3, 2014 in the AT&T Conference Center in Austin, TX. The Venture Labs Investment Competition (VLIC) is designed to mimic the real-world process of raising venture capital. The competition allows graduate students to gain real experience while developing and growing new ventures based on their own ideas and technologies or those developed by others.

The spirit of the competition is to allow ventures conceived and developed during the graduate school experience to participate. This means excluding ventures that were started prior to graduate school admission or are an expansion of an established business.


Teams from around the world compete for cash and prizes including:

  • A total cash prize of $78,000
  • An invitation to close the NASDAQ OMX Stock Market
  • The Austin Technology Incubator Launch Package valued at $25,000
  • Consulting time with the Director and Assistant Director of Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs


  • The competition is for student-created, managed, and owned ventures.
  • Students from any graduate program (not just MBAs) are eligible to participate, including executive and evening format programs. Teams with a minority of undergraduates can compete.

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