In the Spirit of Giving – Support and Save Lives in Africa

In the Spirit of Giving – Support and Save Lives in Africa

Season’s Greetings!

What charity or cause do you support? There are a lot of wonderful and sincere workers, doing the things and reaching the people that we cannot. They are the one’s contributing to making our world a better place.

But you can make a difference!

Tropical Africa is ravaged by several water and air borne diseases, of which malaria is chief. Imagine we could leverage on the rapid spread of mobile phones and penetration of internet connectivity to save lives in this region.

NIXIT, the company behind the standout HealthMobile android application, launched in October 2013, is running an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to raise funds to design this ground breaking ‘Symptom Checker’ Application, that would be available to all platforms in 2014.

The Benefits of Your Support

Funds raised will also be channeled to putting HealthMobile on the Windows, iOS, and Blackberry platforms, as well as developing an all-encompassing web service, that would make health content available to all devices through the web. This is what the company calls a ‘Wikipedia for Health’ in Africa.

By supporting this cause, you would be saving lives and pioneering one of the soon-to-be-talked-about revolutions in the healthcare sector in Africa.

Click here to Support HealthMobile today. Also download the Mobile App to your phone.

Thank You in advance!