2014 Student Reporter Editor Fellowship for Students Worldwide

2014 Student Reporter Editor Fellowship for Students Worldwide

Deadline: March 15, 2014

Student Reporter invites applications for the 2014 Student Reporter Editor Fellowship, a 4-month fellowship program for journalism students to launch and manage their coverage project around a business or economics phenomena. Each fellow receives a stipend of $3,000(US) and project budget capped at $4,000 which can be used for recruiting writers, field reporting trips, events, and travel.

Student Reporter has been working in journalism education and outreach for two years. Through their conference reporting programs, they have incubated over 100 young writers and have covered business and economics phenomena at both niche workshops and large meetings of international organizations all over the world.


  • $3,000(US) stipend for you and a budget of $4,000 for project. This can be used for travel for you and your team, event planning, recruitment, and any other reporting costs.
  • An opportunity for you to apply classroom learnings through real practice in editorial programming, producing articles, and running your own “newsroom”.
  • Working with a team of passionate student reporters who will provide unique angles and topic expertise.
  • Possible international travel and field reporting trips.
  • Being involved with a fast-growing global youth media startup.


  • Building an “experimental newsroom” of five student reporters.
  • Managing publishing of 15 articles over a 2.5-month period (SR editorial and publishing team will support you).
  • Leading a major event coverage or field reporting trip with the student reporters.
  • Participation in an NYC work session, #HackTheBeat, with experts from the journalism community here (we will provide travel support).
  • We estimate the workload from April – June to average out to be 10 hrs a week (with a heavier load in the later months and a 4-5 day fulltime commitment during the even coverage or field reporting trip).


  • Current Masters-level journalism students (or similar degree)
  • 3+ professional experience in a newsroom, as a freelance journalist, or journalism educator. Experience as an editor is a plus

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