Submit Your Video for the 2014 Radical Democracy European Video Challenge

Submit Your Video for the 2014 Radical Democracy European Video Challenge

Deadline: April 13, 2014

An open call to all interested contestant for the 2014 Radical Democracy European Video Challenge.

Radical Democracy 2014: European Video Challenge promotes the creation of an open and inclusive European society. Against the background of the 2014 European Parliament Elections, it is an open call to media makers, social activists and critical thinkers to submit audiovisual media works about the Europe they would like to live in. An invitation to think about the role they play in decision-making processes and to challenge prevailing notions of democracy, governance and participation.

The aim of the challenge is to collect, share and discuss genuine views on open society values and democratic representation – just like the forum in our design. European audiences will be invited to cast their votes and to share their opinion, contributing to the creation of new narratives for Europe. Offline, Radical Democracy will be present at various festivals and platforms where selected media works will be screened. All selected videos will become part of the Doc Next Online Media Collection. The winners of the video challenge will be announced and screened at Planete+ Doc Film Festival in Warsaw, Poland – in the heart of Europe.


  • 5 Winners, each receiving an award of €2500, and 5 Special Mentions, each receiving an award of €1000.


  •  All media makers, social activists and critical thinkers from all over the World are eligible to apply

Judging criteria:

  • While we encourage you to make videos especially for the challenge, you can submit works made within the last 2 years (works completed anytime in 2012, 2013 and 2014 are accepted).
  • You can submit more than one video; just make sure you use one form per video.
  • Videos can be up to 5 minutes in length, but remember; less is more.
  • Works can be in all genres and visual forms including documentary, mockumentary, short film, remix video, social advertisement and music video; entries can be live action, animated or a combination of the two.
  • You must select one or more of the four Categories when filling out the Submission Form. We have formulated suggested genres for each category, although ultimately it is up to you to make a choice:
    • Local Heroes – documentary, social advertisement
    • Failections – fake advertisement, mockumentary, music-video
    • Time Capsule – remix* , documentary, short film
    • Europe Remapped – remix*, documentary
    • (*) remix: using old archive and found footage
  • Submitted works must be licensed under one of the following Creative Commons licenses
    • Attribution alone (CC-BY)
    • Attribution Share Alike (CC-BY-SA)
    • Attribution Non-Commercial (CC-BY-NC)
    • Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike (CC-BY-NC-SA)
  • If the dialogue is in a language other than English, submitted works should have either: 1) hard-coded English subtitles or 2) an “English” subtitle file uploaded using Vimeo’s ‘Advanced’ setting field (please read the Submission Instructions for more detailed info about subtitling procedures).
  • By submitting your film, you grant Doc Next Network permission to screen it online and at live events across the world, and to use short clips and stills for promotion and publicity purposes.
  • If your entry is among the 10 prize-winning videos (including 5 Winners and 5 Special Mentions), be prepared to provide high quality stills from your submission, a photo of the creator(s), and a personal bio. You may also need to furnish us with a high resolution copy of your entry for screening purposes.
  • If applicable for international translation, we will also ask for a copy of your video without subtitles and an English dialogue script (in srt format). Rights must be cleared for screening purposes upon notification.

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