Peace Child International 7th World Youth Congress – Conakry, Guinea

Peace Child International 7th World Youth Congress – Conakry, Guinea

Deadline: September 14, 2014

Peace Child International (PCI) in partnership with the Ministry for Youth and Youth Employment of the Republic of Guinea is pleased to announce the 7th World Youth Congress in Guinea, which incorporates the 2nd International Youth Job Creation Summit and the Green Economy Eco-Business Innovations Challenge. Taking place in Conakry from 11-21 November 2014, it will be the first World Youth Congress in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Guinea World Youth Congress is an international gathering of 1000 exceptional, talented young people who have DONE amazing things in their communities, in their nations, in the world. It involves 3 days of Community Action Projects and 10 days of workshops, round tables, action projects, cultural events, negotiations and a final High Level Segment with Heads of State and VIPs from around the world.

Themes and Objectives

To mobilise governments and policy makers to find solutions to the crisis of Youth Unemployment;

  • To create better partnerships between youth and their governments + policy-makers so that youth job creation policies are more youth-friendly – and can be pursued and promoted by more young people themselves;
  • Explore and develop new ways to enable youth to acquire income-generating skills and gain access to capital
  • Research and create new ways to enable youth to gain access to capital
  • Agree the Conakry Commitment – a Reference Document summarising the tried-andtested policies and practices that governments, donors and development agencies need to pursue to achieve the goal of Full Youth Employment by 2030.

Eligibility and Delegate Categories

PCI is looking for exceptional, talented young leaders who have DONE and are doing amazing things in their communities, in their nations, in the world

There are six delegate categories at this 7th Congress. Choose one and apply:

  1. Young Entrepreneurs – young people who have started and are running a business;
  2. Young Media Professionals – youth working in TV, Print, radio, photography or online media. The Youth Media group run the Congress Newspaper, Blog & Youtube channel
  3. Young Educators: young teachers / youth workers who teach global issues, and introduce entrepreneurship and green economy issues to their students;
  4. Young Artists: to feature in the Boulev’Art – but also young artists who feature global challenges in their work;
  5. Young leaders – youth in elected office who have driven international agendas, run campaigns, delivered policy changes etc.
  6. Young Observers – youth who have not yet done very much but passionately want to come and learn how to do more

All youth delegates leave with a Personal Action Plan (PAP) of things that they commit to their peers that they will do when they get home.

To apply, click here.

For more information, visit PCI 7th World Youth Congress.