International Women’s Forum Leadership Foundation’s Fellows Program 2015-16

International Women’s Forum Leadership Foundation’s Fellows Program 2015-16

Deadline: June 1, 2015

The International Women’s Forum (IWF) invites application for the 2015-16 Fellows Program. Sponsored by the Leadership Foundation is the leading, women’s executive development program in the world today. Providing emerging women leaders with training of exceptional quality and access to IWF’s unmatched network, fellows experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to challenge their assumptions and expand their horizons.

The program convenes fellows from around the world for a total of 20 days. In partnership with the Harvard Business School and INSEAD, The Business School for the World, the Leadership Foundation offers creative, multi-disciplinary training aimed at developing leadership and strategic management capabilities.

About the Fellowship

For five days in Cambridge, Massachusetts at the Harvard Business School, fellows engage in a unique combination of classroom work, case-study discussion, and peer advice. During that time, fellows hone their ability to think strategically in areas including negotiations, organization learning, marketing, global affairs, and the management of innovation and services.

While at one of INSEAD’s international campuses in France, Singapore and Abu Dhabi (UAE), the fellows are pushed to adopt a deeper, global perspective. A core component of the training is the 360° Global Executive Leadership Inventory developed by INSEAD’s Global Leadership Center to measure twelve dimensions of leadership. The fellows assess what they learned from the inventory with professional, international coaches.

In addition to their leadership training, each fellow is matched with an IWF member who serves as her mentor and coach during the program year, a chance for the fellows to garner personal insights and advice from women at the top of their fields.

Eligibility and Criteria

All Fellows Program candidates are judged on the same selection criteria.

The Leadership Foundation Fellows Program Selection Committee will choose Fellows using the following guidelines:

  • Substantive professional/work experience and significant direct accomplishments.
  • Superior intellectual ability, as evidenced by academic history and distinctions, recommendations, and essays.
  • Current and potential leadership, indicated by professional, volunteer, and other activities, as well as through recommendations.
  • Strength of character, motivation, and commitment to goals.
  • Intention to participate fully in all activities and programs of the Leadership Foundation Fellows Program during the fellowship year, as well as a commitment to the Legacy component of the program.
  • Fellows are not recent college graduates or even recent graduates of advanced degree programs. The optimal Fellows candidate will have achieved considerable success in her field, yet would benefit from this program.
  • Expectation of at least 10 years of continuing professional activity and leadership contribution following the fellowship. Candidates are judged, in part, on their ability to leverage and maximize the fellowship over time.

Fellowship Cost

Tuition for the Fellows Program is $27,500 USD.

The Fellows Program tuition includes:

  • One week of Orientation, specialized Fellows Program training
  • Registration fees for IWF’s World Leadership Conference
  • Customized training at Harvard Business School
  • Customized training at INSEAD
  • Expenses associated with visits to the Fellow’s IWF Mentor
  • All meals and accommodations
  • All course materials
  • All ground transportation (air travel is not included)

For more information, visit IWF Leadership Foundation’s Fellows Program.