The amfAR Open Request for Proposals in HIV Research – up to  $180,000

The amfAR Open Request for Proposals in HIV Research – up to $180,000

Deadline: October 10, 2014

The amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, invites applications to explore the mechanisms for HIV persistence and the potential for HIV eradication.

The amfAR will support basic, pre-clinical, clinical, and especially transnational research exploring the mechanisms whereby HIV infection persists; the chronic nature of viral reservoirs and latency; and barriers to the eradication of HIV, with the potential goal of ultimately curing HIV infection.


  • Determine the location of persistent reservoirs of HIV in tissues, cell subsets or within cells
  • Determine the cellular and viral mechanisms and kinetics that establish and/or maintain HIV persistence
  • Develop, compare, or validate assays to measure persistent infection
  • Develop and test strategies to safely eliminate or control viral reservoirs (in the absence of ART)


  • Grant request can be made for up to $180,000 and the project will have to be implemented between 1 February 2015 to 31 January 2017.


  • Applications are accepted from nonprofit research institutions worldwide; applications are not accepted from individuals or for-profit entities.
  • The Principal investigators
    • Must hold a doctoral level degree
    • Must be affiliated with the applicant institution
    • If the proposal is a collaboration including sub-component projects, the principal investigator will be expected to lead one of the component projects, coordinate the development, implementation and analysis of the projects as a whole, and be responsible for overall financial Management and the preparation and submission of required reports.
  • Research teams may include members from, and budgets may include subcontracts with or sub-awards to for-profit entities.


For more information, visit Request for Proposals.