TED Prize 2016 – Win $1 million USD for your Idea

TED Prize 2016 – Win $1 million USD for your Idea

Deadline: March 31, 2015

TED is now accepting nominations for the 2016 TED Prize. Nominate an individual — or yourself — to envision and execute a high-impact project that can spur global change. The TED Prize is awarded to an individual with a creative, bold vision to spark global change. By leveraging the TED community’s resources and investing $1 million into a powerful idea, each year the TED Prize supports one wish to inspire the world.


Each year, TED awards the Prize to a leader with a bold, innovative vision for sparking global change. The TED Prize winner receives $1,000,000 — and support from the TED community’s wide range of resources and expertise — to make their dream become a reality.


Nominees should demonstrate

  • A distinguished track record
  • The ability to articulate a world-changing wish that inspires collaborative action
  • The vision and charisma to lead and manage others
  • The ability to budget a $1 million initiative and execute a multi-year project
  • The willingness to leverage both the TED and the TEDx community to support the wish

Anyone is eligible for nomination, including TED Fellows, speakers and community members.

Nomination tips

  • A TED Prize winner is a rare and powerful combination: someone who knows how to capture imaginations as well as how to make a measurable impact. A TED Prize winner is a visionary and a pragmatist, a dreamer and a doer. Here, tips on what makes a TED Prize winner and how you can make the most of the nomination form.

Top tips for nominations

  • The nomination form is designed to gather information about the nitty gritty execution of the wish and the ways in which we might tell a truly inspiring and engaging story to the world about it.
  • The heart of the TED Prize is the wish. Though it’s small in size, it is the most important element of your nomination. It’s worth investing your time refining.
  • At its most basic, a wish = who + what + how = a better world. In other words, who are you going to engage on what issue and in what way for what kind of improvement?
  • In order to create momentum, a substantial portion of the wish should be achievable in a one-year period. However, change takes time. The TED Prize winner will be given up to three years to fully realize their project.
  • Please note that they weigh single nominations as heavily as multiple nominations and we strongly discourage multiple nominations. If more than five individuals nominate you in identical language, you will be disqualified, so “stacking the deck” won’t work.

For more information and to nominate, visit TED Prize 2016.