Enter the 15th Andreau World International Contest

Enter the 15th Andreau World International Contest

Deadline: November 30, 2015

Andreu World offers an opportunity for designers all over the world to participate at 15th Andreau World International Contest. In order to participate, contestants must design an item of furniture (seat or table) that integrates all the specifications outlined by Andreu World, S.A. in the product briefing and which resolves the accompanying technical and formal challenges in the terms indicated.

Subjects for this competition are seats and/or tables with following criteria:

  • Seating: The main material used shall be Beech wood, Oak wood or Walnut. Chairs may be upholstered to a greater or lesser extent, if considered appropriate and veneered board or plywood;
  • Tables: The main material used shall be Beech wood, Oak wood or Walnut. Tables may be veneered board or plywood. The use of other materials such as metals, plastics, glass, etc. is allowed when complementary, structural or incidental to the above. All designs presented shall be new, not having been marketed or disclosed prior to the date of the Contest.


Each participant assumes responsibility for the costs of sending their projects and presentations. Andreu World, SA will not manage and will not pay for the costs arising from the transport, taxes, customs fees, etc.


The following prizes will be awarded:

  • 1st prize of 3000 euros (4,000 US$);
  • 2nd prize of 1000 euros (1,500 US$);
  • The jury will also award up to a maximum of 4, non-monetary, special mention.


  • Open both to design students and to professionals, without age limit.

Application Process

  • Apply here.
  • Following registration, a personal file is created for each contestant. This file serves to identify the Contestant in the Contest Website during this year’s Competition and future editions.
  • Following registration, participants will be sent an email with a link to validate the registration. Once registered, participants can identify themselves in the website using their personal password in order to consult and modify their personal data in the Personal data section within the Inscription menu.
  • Participants may complete the Registration process for the Andreu World International Design Contest once they have obtained a participant number. Once you have identified yourself in the website, you can consult and request your participant numbers (for example: 20150001) in the Participant numbers section within the Inscription menu.
    Each participant must request a participant number for each project presented. You can request as many participant numbers as are necessary.
  • Any designs which are not accompanied by the corresponding participant number as issued via the Andreu World, SA, website will be excluded from the Andreu World International Design Contest.
  • Any designs which are received accompanied by numbers which are not present Andreu World, SA database will also be excluded.
  • The inclusion of any personal information in the documentation submitted during the competition will also be reason for exclusion.
  • All material submitted must be identified with the assigned participant numbers:
    • Models
    • Technical report
    • Affidavit
    • CD
    • Packaging
    • Other material relevant to the project.
  • The following must be submitted by each participant:
    • A prototype of the proposed piece (scale 1:5).
    • A project synopsis, to be presented on 2 to 4 double-space, single-face A4 typewritten pages.
    • A project synopsis, 8 ½ inches x 11 inches for projects sent from United States of America.
    • CD with plans, diagrams, sketches, reders or pictures from the model.
    • Duly signed affidavit.

All documentation must sent by post or messenger service, or by delivering the project by hand before November 30, 2015 to:

Andreu World, S.A.,
C/ Los Sauces, 7 Urb. Olimar
46370 Chiva – Valencia

For more information, visit Andreu World International Design Contest.