MacJannet Prize for Global Citizenship 2016 – Up to $7,500 and more

MacJannet Prize for Global Citizenship 2016 – Up to $7,500 and more

Deadline: February 29, 2016

The call for 2016 MacJannet Prize nominations is now open! This is an international award recognizing exceptional programs that promote student community engagement and community service. In addition to international recognition, the award provides financial support (up to $7,500) for furthering the program’s community engagement initiatives.

The MacJannet Prize was established by the Talloires Network and the MacJannet Foundation to:

  • Recognize and encourage exceptional student community engagement and community service
  • Financially support the ongoing work of university-based civic initiatives
  • Elevate innovative civic engagement program models and disseminate them throughout the Network as examples of promising practices
  • Strengthen public support for the global civic engagement movement in higher education
  • Champion the values and extend the legacy of Donald and Charlotte MacJannet, who devoted their lives to fostering international understanding
  • Promote action around the principles of the Talloires Declaration, which recommends steps to elevate the civic engagement of universities around the world

The Award

The MacJannet Prize provides a financial reward to winners and, more importantly, public recognition of their efforts:

  • First Place winner – $7,500
  • Second Place winner – $5,000
  • Third Place winner – $2,500


  • Any initiative or program at a Talloires Network member university with significant student leadership which has existed for at least two years are eligible to be nominated.
  • Universities that are not already members of the Talloires Network are invited to apply for membership in order to be eligible for the MacJannet Prize.
  • Anyone from the member institution can submit nominations for a program – students, staff, faculty, and administrators. Those nominating do not have to be participants in the program and groups may nominate themselves.
  • Programs that have previously won the MacJannet Prize are not eligible to apply again

Selection Criteria

Nominations will be judged on the following selection criteria:

  • Student Leadership
    • Are students able to work independently, with support from faculty and staff? Are their ideas and contributions valued in the project design? Do they carry out a significant portion of the work?
  • University Support
    • Has the university demonstrated commitment to promoting active citizenship and civic engagement? Has the university supported this program, either financially, in kind, or through policy and recognition of its value?
  • Community Partnership and Involvement
    • Do the university program coordinators consult the community in program design? Do the aims of the program meet community needs? Are community members able to contribute to the program?
  • Demonstrated Positive Impact on the Community

    • To what extent has this program positively affected the community? How many community members have benefited, and to what degree?
  • Demonstrated Positive Impact on the Participating Students

    • Has this program contributed to building civic values and skills for students? Has the program impacted students’ choices about career path or future involvement in community outreach activities?
  • Sustainability
    • How will the program find the needed resources to continue running into the future? What policies or mechanisms support the ongoing success of the program? Are communities engaged in sustaining the program for the long-term?

In addition to these six criteria, the MacJannet Prize will seek geographic diversity by recognizing programs operating in various regions contexts around the world.

How to Nominate

For more information, visit MacJannet Prize for Global Citizenship.