Elsevier Foundation Green & Sustainable Chemistry Challenge 2017

Elsevier Foundation Green & Sustainable Chemistry Challenge 2017

Deadline: September 15, 2016

The Elsevier Foundation Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge (the “Challenge”) is a skills-based competition in which participants are asked to submit proposals outlining innovative ideas that advance access to environmentally friendly and sustainable chemical processes that are suitable for use in developing countries.

The 2017 competition builds off of the first Elsevier Green & Sustainable Chemistry Challenge which announced its winners on the 5th of April at the First International Green & Sustainable Chemistry Conference, in Berlin. The 2017 Challenge will be open to individuals and non-profit organizations whose projects use green and sustainable chemistry solutions to tackle some of the developing world’s greatest sustainability challenges whether in water, sanitation or energy.


  • The winning project will receive a single payment of Euros € 50,000;
  • The winner of the second prize will receive a single payment of Euros € 25,000.


  • Applicants must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age or older at the time of entry to enter the Challenge;
  • Applicants may participate as (i) individuals, (ii) teams of individuals, or (iii) individually or in teams on behalf of an organization, i.e. an educational or not-for-profit institution or a corporation (the latter category, collectively “Organizations”);
  • Submission of an application on behalf of a group of individuals or an Organization shall constitute a representation by the individual submitting the application that he/she is authorized to represent the team to submit the Application and distribute any prize money;
  • Directors, officers and employees (and their immediate families and household members) of Sponsor and its affiliates and their respective advertising and promotion agencies are not eligible to enter the Challenge.

Projects will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

  • Be replicable, scalable, sustainable and set a benchmark for innovation – new ideas or concepts in development will be given preference over more advanced projects;
  • Have practical applicability; include an implementation plan. Please note that if the project has been developed in a high income country, contextually appropriate development knowledge will need to be demonstrated, for instance through a developing country implementation partner;
  • Be suitable for use in developing countries. Have considered the project’s social impact on local communities, including whether it has a possible gender dimension either in design or implementation;
  • Have at least two of the following Green and Sustainable Chemistry objectives:
    • Reduce or eliminate the use or generation of one or more hazardous substance or material;
    • Provide a more sustainable use of resources, materials, or products, or more sustainable manufacturing or application of a chemical product;
    • Provide increased reuse, repair or recyclability;
    • Present a new business model fitting into the criteria of green and sustainable chemistry.

Application Process

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