Smart Villages Photography Competition 2017

Smart Villages Photography Competition 2017

Deadline: April 30, 2017

How can energy access catalyse rural development around the world? Smart Villages Photography Competition 2017 focuses on how energy access changes the life of rural communities around the world, and the concept of “Smartness” i.e., not just provision of off-grid energy to villages, but how that energy is being used in productive, innovative, and even entrepreneurial ways to achieve sustainable development outcomes for the individuals and communities concerned.


  • Productive uses of energy, such as agriculture, manufacturing, services, tourism;
  • Sustainable rural energy for community services and rural development: health, education, communication, water, sanitation, environmental preservation;
  • Sustainable rural energy and gender (girls and women and boys and men);
  • Rural energy access and innovation: new technologies, new uses of technology, new solutions to problems, community innovations, etc


  • US$2000 for the overall winner;
  • US$1000 for the runner up;
  • Two US$500 prizes for each of the four categories;
  • One prize, of US$1000, is reserved for a junior photographer (under 18 years of age).

The winning photographs will be featured by the Smart Villages Initiative in a number of ways, including international exhibitions (particularly at our forthcoming policy workshops), incorporation in Smart Villages publications, and for use on our website and social media.


  • Everyone, regardless of nationality, background, age and experience, is welcome to participate and submit up to 3 photographs.

Application Process

For more information, visit Smart Village Photography Competition.