Korea New Zealand Agricultural Cooperation Scholarships 2017

Korea New Zealand Agricultural Cooperation Scholarships 2017

Deadline: April 28, 2017

Submit applications for the Korea New Zealand Agricultural Cooperation Scholarships. The Korea New Zealand Agricultural Cooperation Scholarships (KNZACS) provide full tuition fees plus a living stipend for up to 36 months for students from the Republic of Korea, to undertake PhD study in either veterinary or animal science or forestry at a New Zealand university. From 2017, master’s or PhD studies in fisheries will also be offered.

The KNZACS are part of a package of cooperation activities that were agreed by the Republic of Korea and New Zealand, under the Free Trade Agreement between New Zealand and the Republic of Korea (KNZFTA). The scholarships will be jointly funded by the two governments and administered by Education New Zealand and EPIS in Korea.These scholarships will promote greater understanding between Korea and New Zealand, and strengthen the trade and economic relationship in these sectors.

Approved Universities

The following are the approved universities for scholarship recipients:

  • Veterinary science – Massey University
  • Animal science – Massey University; University of Canterbury; Lincoln University; University of Auckland; University of Otago; University of Waikato; Victoria University of Wellington
  • Forestry – University of Canterbury; Lincoln University
  • Fisheries – Victoria University of Wellington; University of Canterbury; University of Auckland; University of Otago


  • Scholarship covers New Zealand University tuition fees and associated student levies for up to 3 years for PhD and up to 2 years for master’s;
  • An annual living stipend of NZ$30,000 per year for up to 3 years for PhD and up to 2 years for master’s. This must also cover flights, medical and travel insurance (mandatory), and accommodation.


  • You must hold current citizenship of the Republic of Korea.
  • You must hold a minimum equivalent GPA of B+ in your most recent or highest tertiary qualification
  • You must conduct your study in New Zealand (not from a distance)
  • You must meet the requirements for direct entry into masters or PhD programmes (as relevant) at a New Zealand University, including having completed the required academic qualifications for direct entry and meeting the requirements for English language proficiency
  • If you have already got admission into PhD studies at a New Zealand university starting in 2016, you are eligible to apply for the scholarship. However, your official start date must be after the final selection process – which will be August or September 2016.
  • If you are shortlisted, you will also need to be able to attend an interview in Korea, at your own expense.

Application Process

You must complete an English version application and a Korean language application. Applications that are ineligible, incomplete, or do not meet the selection criteria will not be considered under any circumstances.

Go to the EPIS website to apply for the scholarship or go to the MAFRA website to apply.

For more information, visit Korea New Zealand Agricultural Cooperation Scholarships.