2018 US-Japan Leadership Program (Fully-funded to Conferences in Seattle and Japan)

2018 US-Japan Leadership Program (Fully-funded to Conferences in Seattle and Japan)

Deadline: January 8, 2018

Applications are now accepted from prospective candidates to the 2018 Seattle and 2019 Japan conferences. The US-Japan Leadership Program (USJLP) seeks to create a network of talented and diverse young American and Japanese leaders brought together to foster dialogue, friendship and understanding between the two countries.

The purpose of the US-Japan Leadership Program (USJLP) is to develop a network of communication, friendship and understanding among the next generation of leaders in each country. The Program aims to foster a continuing dialogue among future leaders in a broad variety of professions. It starts this process by bringing some 20 young leaders together from each country for two intensive week-long conferences over two years, with discussions revolving around historical and current issues in bilateral relations, as well as issues reaching beyond our two countries.

All members hold US or Japanese citizenship, enter the Program between the ages of 28-42 and have demonstrated leadership in their respective fields. Membership requires a commitment to participate in two consecutive summer conferences as a Delegate (one in Japan, and one in Seattle), and the intent to remain active in the Program as a Fellow (alumnus).


  • Any American or Japanese citizen between the ages of 28 and 42 on the first day of their first conference (e.g. July 28, 2018 for applicants to the 2018-2019 conferences) is eligible for USJLP.
  • Candidates must have demonstrated leadership, achievement, or the potential for leadership in their respective fields.
  • Consideration will be given to men and women from a broad spectrum of careers.
  • Candidates need not live in their home country to apply to USJLP.
  • Expertise on Japan or the U.S. is not a requirement.
  • Fluency is not required, however USJLP conferences are officially conducted in English and would like for all Japanese candidates to feel comfortable conversing and expressing their ideas in English. All parts of the USJLP application must be submitted in English.


Japanese and American applicants should download the application cover sheet before preparing the online submission form prior to preparing the following documents in English:

Download the 2018-2019 Application Cover Sheet: MS Word Version or PDF Version

  1. Completed cover sheet, with digital headshot photo embedded;
  2. A resume/CV listing achievements (recommended length: no more than two pages);
  3. A signed letter of recommendation from an individual who is a leader in your field;
  4. A personal statement of two to three pages by the candidate explaining the following: 1) how you have been, are, or will be a leader in your field; 2) your reasons for wanting to participate in USJLP; 3) how you might contribute as a Delegate (participant) and as a Fellow (an alumnus).

These application components should be prepared and submitted as separate PDF attachments via the online application form (details below). Only fully complete applications (including at least one signed letter of recommendation) received by Monday, January 8, 2018 will be considered for the 2018-2019 application cycle. Secretariats will send an email acknowledgement of application receipt within two business days after submission.

For more information, visit US-Japan Leadership Program.