6 Smart Ways Social Media Can Boost Your Career Success

6 Smart Ways Social Media Can Boost Your Career Success

We all got used to the fact that social media are mostly for entertainment and communication with people far away (or not so far). Social media like Facebook and Instagram allow users to post photos and articles, to tell the world what they do, what they think, and how they spend time.

However, besides social communication (as the name of social media suggests), these new media have broadened their impact to other domains of human activity. For instance, social media marketing is intensely used by many businesses for several years already, and it has proven to be a powerful source of clients. Additionally, social media now become an excellent medium for job search and career advancement. However, this sphere of their application is still under-explored, and many users don’t even know how to use it. Still social media has created a wide open window for all of us to explore with different perspectives. For example Instagram has been used for many purposes like entertainment, online business, online shopping and many more. That’s why users are trying every technique to increase their audience. Often they look for groth tools to grow instantly. Sometimes it helps but sometimes when users end up choosing tools like Path Social, it does otherwise.

In this article, we are sharing six smart ways of using your social accounts not just for fun, but also for career success.

  1. Create a Consistent Image in Social Networks

It is not a secret for anyone that large companies are already investigating their job candidates’ social media accounts before making the final hiring decision. Whether it is good or bad, nobody can say for sure. On the one hand, it is a clear interference with your personal life, as you might be sharing some personal details and information in social media. On the other hand, such information helps the employer to create a complete impression about you as an individual; if you apply for a serious corporate job but your social networks are full of crazy photos of parties in clubs with tons of alcohol, then you’ll definitely be dropped as a candidate.

What can be done in such a case? Make your social media speak in your favor! There’s no need to play saint in social accounts and post fake photos of your reputable, modest pastimes, but think carefully before posting something – do you really want EVERYONE to see that?

  1. Don’t Underestimate LinkedIn

Though LinkedIn is typically regarded as another social network, don’t forget that this channel is specifically geared towards showcasing you as a professional. It presupposes the establishment of professional contacts and can be very helpful in job search. Yes, LinkedIn may be used for personal communication as well, but still, it is 90% about work. Thus, if you fill in your profile, submit your resume and work samples, and announce to the world that you are looking for new career advancements, you are certain to receive a couple of beneficial offers in the near future.

  1. Make Your Social Accounts Look Professional

Even though you might be using all your social accounts for personal communication and fun, don’t disregard this tip; it may be an indeed essential path to your career advancement. Once your profile looks organized and orderly, potential employers may consider you for the job that you did not even suspect to get. Always indicate in the header of your profiles what you do and what your professional interests are; indicate your personal website or links to your portfolio. You never know who will occasionally visit your page, and even though it may happen by chance, you may be the one some company or businessperson needs in the team. An excellent way of passive job search!

  1. Join Special Interest Groups for Personal Connections

People join groups in accordance with their personal and professional interests, so becoming a member of some groups is definitely a wise step towards connecting with like-minded people. In such a way, if you deal with cars in your work and have some professional knowledge about them, why not join the clubs of car fans online? There you will not only be able to communicate on topics of interest to you, but will also be able to find a potential employer.

For instance, if you are a student who ever used some academic services or work in the area associated with academic writing, you may join some related communities. Thus, you may be helpful to other people only considering the use of such services with your first-hand knowledge.

  1. Make a Strong Emphasis on Positive Personality

Even the fact that social networks are monitored by recruiters should not stop you from living your normal life. Show people the real you, but without excesses and too much personal, even private, detail. In case you have interesting hobbies, excellent friends, and interesting pastimes in the periods free from work, why conceal that? Even recruiters understand that there is a person behind every employee, and this is what they are looking for in your online activities.

If you make all social accounts geared towards creating an ideal positive image, it won’t work well, too. People feel lies, and if your account does not reveal your personality and your routine life – then it is definitely not a social network in its classical sense.

  1. Announce That You’re Looking for a Job

Finally, an excellent way of using your social networks for finding a job is to give others a note about that! Nobody will hire you if they don’t know you are looking for a new position, and the best way to let them know is to make a public announcement at your social page. In such a case, your social network contacts may become an excellent source of references for you; maybe not them, but some of their friends, are currently seeking an employee of your specialty. You would have never known that if you didn’t post a note about your job search, right?

These are some simple ways to turn your social media accounts into a workable tool of job search. Keep in mind that social media possess much power of connecting people right now, not only in personal terms, but also much in terms of business. Hence, using them wisely, you can easily find a job of your interest and at the same time spend little effort on the actual search process. Master the power of social connectivity and make it work to your advantage!

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