Thomson Reuters Foundation Elections Reporting Program 2018 in Bogota, Columbia (Funded)

Thomson Reuters Foundation Elections Reporting Program 2018 in Bogota, Columbia (Funded)

Deadline: March 16, 2018

Applications are now open for the Thomson Reuters Foundation Elections Reporting Program 2018. In an era of “post-truth”, “fake news” and propaganda, the correct data check and information accuracy have become more important than ever. Citizens need access to reliable sources of information based on hard data, especially during electoral campaigns, when the media agenda is dominated by statements, promises and accusations made by politicians, candidates, influential figures and analysts.

However, providing quality coverage and based on hard data during an election can be a challenge when newsrooms have limited access to resources and are under pressure. Traditional media also have to compete with a growing lack of transparency on the part of official sources and with unregulated sources on social networks.

To address some of these challenges, and in the run-up to a series of upcoming elections in Latin America, the Thomson Reuters Foundation will hold a workshop on election coverage to train journalists in the region to help improve their work already, provide fair, balanced and adequate coverage. The goal is also to provide tools to produce better content for an audience that might be disappointed or lack interest.

The participants will work individually and as a team, carrying out practical exercises. Guest speakers will also be speaking about key aspects of the electoral coverage in their countries. The workshop will also include modules on good writing, the correct use of sources and ethical and legal dangers.

Workshop Topics

  • The focus will be on the role of the media during democratic elections, in the elements that lead to the holding of free and competitive elections, including the task of informing voters about the process and the obligation of credible coverage and balanced of all the candidates;
  • It will include practical exercises to provide participants with the necessary tools to do data check during the campaign and the subsequent period;
  • Planning of electoral coverage and tools to preserve security when working in the field.


  • Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered for participants who do not live in Bogotá. These benefits are subject to change.


  • Open to journalists from Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, Brazil and Venezuela who will cover elections in their countries;
  • Applicants must have at least two years of experience covering current affairs and politics. Applications will be accepted from journalists from all platforms (print, online, radio and television)


Applicants must submit a text of up to 250 words that summarizes the main milestones of their career, two recent examples of published works, preferably linked to the theme of the workshop and a text of between 250 and 500 words that explains how the applicant expects to benefit from the workshop and the main challenges when it comes to covering an election.

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For more information, visit Thomson Reuters Elections Reporting Program.