Blackbox Connect Program for Female Founders 2018 (Google for Entrepreneurs Scholarships Available)

Blackbox Connect Program for Female Founders 2018 (Google for Entrepreneurs Scholarships Available)

Deadline: March 30, 2018

Applications are invited for the Blackbox Connect 22 Program. This is a two-week immersion program in Silicon Valley for visiting female founders who are based outside of the United States. Blackbox Connect is open to global startup founders seeking to hone their craft of entrepreneurship, amplify their drive, and fortify the foundation of their startup.

Together with a hand-picked cohort of fellow founders from across the globe, Blackboxers are hosted at Factory, a San Francisco-based innovation hub where talent from around the world gathers to disrupt their thinking and create the future. Two weeks is just enough time for entrepreneurs to experience a profound mindset shift that elevates their personal and professional lives.

Because the world’s most impactful innovations can originate anywhere, Blackbox exists to ensure every entrepreneur has a shot at creating shared value for the global economy—whether they’re born in Cupertino or Cameroon. Their entrepreneur-first approach is grounded in two fundamental beliefs: that entrepreneurs are the core engine for global economic growth, and that they need someone in their corner.


They believe a more equitable, prosperous future begins with increasing access to entrepreneurial resources: mentorship, capital, knowledge, and networks. Through Blackbox Connect, the flagship two-week experience in Silicon Valley, founders have the opportunity to:

  • Build relationships with successful entrepreneurs, experienced venture capitalists, and subject matter experts
  • Access resources to fuel their global expansion
  • Emerge as drivers of growth capable of transforming startup ecosystems into hubs of innovation

2018 Program Schedule:

> Blackbox Connect 21 // February 26-March 9
> Blackbox Connect 22 (Female Founders Edition) // May 21-June 1
> Blackbox Connect 23 // August 13-24
> Blackbox Connect 24 // November 5-16

Google for Entrepreneurs Scholarship:

Starting in 2018, eligible entrepreneurs can apply to become a Google for Entrepreneurs Scholar. To be eligible, you must be a member of one of the organizations in the Google for Entrepreneurs partner network.

If accepted as a Google for Entrepreneurs Scholar, Google will cover the full cost of the program, including travel expenses.


Open to Founders who have launched a product in the market, have seen promising traction, and are now facing a key inflection point in their startup journey.

Apply to Blackbox Connect if:

  • You’re a female founder looking to 10x your startup (and yourself),
  • You are available to travel to the United States for the complete duration of the program for which you are applying (May 21- June 1, 2018)


  • Must be the original founder/cofounder of your startup
  • Must commit to full participation in the two week residential program
  • Must have product launched in market
  • Must be proficient in English
  • Must not have extensive prior exposure to the SV ecosystem


As part of your application, you need to prepare a 30-60 second video telling us about yourself, your startup, and the number one thing you hope to get out of your Blackbox Connect experience if selected.

Click here to apply.

For more information, visit Blackbox Connect.