Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize 2018 for Medical Research and Services (About $1million Prize)

Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize 2018 for Medical Research and Services (About $1million Prize)

Deadline: July 31, 2018.

Nominations are open for the Third Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize. The Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize aims to honour individuals with outstanding achievements in the fields of medical research and medical services to combat infectious and other diseases in Africa, thus contributing to the health and welfare of the African people and of all humankind.

The spread of infectious diseases presents a common threat to all humankind. Mindful that Africa faces this scourge most acutely, the Government of Japan established the Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize in July 2006 in memory of Dr. Hideyo Noguchi (1876-1928) whose belief in medical advancement and self-sacrificing activities in Africa remain a beacon of inspiration to all. The Prize carries forward his ideals and aspirations for advancing the global fight against infectious and other diseases that prevail in Africa. In so doing, the Prize works to improve the health and welfare of the African people while contributing to the welfare of all humankind.


The Prize consists of two categories:

  • Medical Research which honors individual(s) and
    • Basic medical research
    • Clinical medical research
    • Research in all fields of life science closely related to medicine
  • Medical Services which honors individual(s) and organization(s).
    • Field-level medical/public health activities to combat diseases and advance public health


The Laureates will be announced in 2019 and the award ceremony will be held during the Seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD7).

The Prize consists of a citation, a medal and 100 million yen (equivalent to about one million US dollars).


  • No distinction will be made based on the nationality, age or gender of the nominees, who are limited to people still living.

Nominee eligibility for the two categories are as follows:

  • Medical Research
    • Nominations are in principle to be for one individual. In the case of joint research, however, a maximum of three individuals will be considered.
  • Medical Services
    • In the case of nominating an organization, nominations are limited to one currently active organization.
    • Nominations are in principle to be one individual or one organization per activity. Under exceptional circumstances, however, when more than one individual or organization work as a team, a maximum of three individuals or organizations will be considered.

Selection Criteria

The Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize shines a light on important research and activities carried out in the field to tackle directly issues affecting people who live in Africa. It recognizes medical research and medical service activities that call to mind Dr. Noguchi’s gallantry, frontier spirit, spirit of dedication and love for humanity. It is upon these basic precepts that the following selection processes are based.

Medical Research

  • The research has established original and/or milestone concepts for better understanding the pathology or the human and environmental ecology of infectious or other diseases prevalent in Africa, or has improved (1) clinical management, (2) ecological management, or (3) patient therapy relevant to such diseases.
  • The research results have in practice contributed, or will contribute in the near future, to improving measures for controlling or treating infectious or other diseases prevalent in Africa. This includes research that has had, or is expected to have, an important influence on the policies of African governments or on international agencies. This also includes research that is expected to link African researchers or African research organizations to programs and initiatives that advance international research and collaboration.
  • Research results that contribute to other regions but are centered on Africa.

Medical Services

  • The activity is aimed to fight against infectious or other diseases prevalent in Africa or to improve public health in Africa
  • The activity has broad and direct impact on the improvement of health and welfare of the African people, particularly the poor and contributes to achieving universal health coverage.
  • The activities have been carried out on-site for more than 5 years under a defined goal and structured plan. They should have results that can be sustainably developed, allowing other regions of Africa with similar conditions to derive reference or training possibilities from the results.
  • The Activities need to have evidence in scientific journals, accounting documents, reports, etc.
  • The activities should not be biased to the extent that beneficiaries are neither to be selected nor rejected based on their political, ideological or religious backgrounds.


Download the nomination form in DOC or PDF.

For more information, visit 3rd Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize.