Eisenhower Fellowships’ Global Program 2019 for Mid-career Professionals (Fully-funded to the United States)

Eisenhower Fellowships’ Global Program 2019 for Mid-career Professionals (Fully-funded to the United States)

Deadline: June 15, 2018

Applications are open for the Eisenhower Fellowships’ Global Program 2019. In the spring of 2019, Eisenhower Fellowships (EF) will assemble a diverse group of 20 to 25 leading change agents from around the world to participate in its unique seven-week program. The goal of this program is to deepen Fellows’ leadership skills, connect innovative Fellows with like-minded colleagues in the EF network and foster sustained collaborations that result in measurable, positive real-world impact.

Each year, Eisenhower Fellowships’ Global Program seeks diverse, dynamic doers to join its influential global network of over 1,600 active Fellows. The Global Fellows are selected to travel to the United States for an intensive seven-week fellowship program. They seek ambitious, disciplined rising leaders with the vision to make the world a better place as well as the ability to create and implement a concrete plan to make that vision a reality post-fellowship. Fellows represent all professional sectors – private, public and nonprofit – and hail from any number of careers, from journalism to the military to higher education to private corporations to the theater and beyond.

What all Fellows share, regardless of their professional background or nationality, is a desire to make meaningful positive change in the world in collaboration with peers across sectors and borders. Successful candidates are eager to leverage the global network of Eisenhower Fellowships and engage, over their lifetime as an Eisenhower Fellow, in constructive projects and initiatives designed to enhance the values of Eisenhower Fellowships: peace, prosperity and justice.


  • Candidates for a Global Eisenhower Fellowship must be non U.S. citizens or permanent residents.
  • Candidates should be mid-career leaders, who have a demonstrated track record of accomplishment as well as the potential to go further and beyond their chosen field.
  • Competitive applicants generally fall within the age range of approximately 32 to 45 years old, as this is a fellowship aimed at ascendant mid-career professionals, not students or full-time academics. While they do consider candidates who are older or younger than this, the farther your age falls outside of this age range, the less competitive your application will be.

Successful candidates typically display the following characteristics in their applications:

  • demonstrate not only significant accomplishments within their communities and their professions but also high potential for growth and broader impact;
  • propose a compelling fellowship program that takes full advantage of this unique opportunity;
  • identify a project or initiative they intend to develop during the fellowship and are able to articulate how this experience will help them meet that goal and create positive impact; and
  • commit to engage actively with the global Eisenhower Fellowship network throughout their lifetime.


Before applying all candidates should consider carefully whether their professional and personal circumstances will allow them to participate in an intensive, seven-week international fellowship. Beginning a few months prior to travel, Eisenhower Fellows must devote significant time to researching and preparing for their fellowship with an EF program team.

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For more information, visit Eisenhower Fellowships’ Global Program.