World Water Challenge 2018 – An International Contest for Water Solutions

World Water Challenge 2018 – An International Contest for Water Solutions

Deadline: July 30, 2018

Korea Water Forum invites entries for the World Water Challenge 2018, an international contest for water solutions. It was created as a special program of the Science and Technology Process in the 7th World Water Forum, with the aim to discover imminent water problems that world is facing and to find feasible solutions to them. The Program aimed to present science and technology that are applicable to the real world and come up with optimal solutions to water problems.

The World Water Challenge 2018 will be held as one of the signature programs of KIWW 2018 which will take place in September in Daegu Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea. This 4th edition of World Water Challenge is expected to serve its role as an important platform to share the ideas and know-hows towards solving the defined water issues around the world and to forge a broad network among the water-related experts and stakeholders.

Solution providers will be invited to propose solutions to deal with the selected problems. Up to 6 outstanding solution providers will be invited to present their proposals and the best solutions (out of selected for finalists) will be awarded during the Korea International Water Week 2018

Award and Benefit

Selected solution providers will be invited to the final round of the WWCH 2018 to be held on September 13th, during the KIWW 2018 and they will be provided with the opportunity to present their solution to the participants of KIWW 2018.

The total prize amount for the World Water Challenge 2018 is KRW 16,000,000. The Award Ceremony will be held on September 14 at the closing ceremony of KIWW 2018 and the winners will be presented with a cash prize and trophy respectively.


  • Anyone (as an individual or on behalf of an organization) who is interested in water or would like to propose creative/applicable solutions is welcome to participate in the program.
  • * Persons (including winners) who participated once (and more) in the previous WWCH are allowed to participate in the WWHC 2018 with the different (or updated) subject and ideas. (If the same contents and ideas, will not be considered.)


A Submission can earn a maximum score of 100 points. Each Submission will be judged based on five different criteria as below.

  • Clarity ○ If the problem is described specifically and well explained with the practical information rather than vague or broad demonstration. (20)
  • Relevance ○ If the problem is clearly identified with causes and influences of the problems. – If problem owners defines and analyzes the direct cause (secondary causes as well) and influences of the problem (15)
  • Importance ○ If the problem is strongly linked to an issue which the world is facing today to solve, or related to a reserved task that the world is willing to overcome. (20)
  • Urgency ○ If the problem demonstrates one of caution and urgency with respect to how to the world prepare for and act to prevent a water crisis and the needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. (25)
  • Exposure ○ If the problem is demonstrated with a phenomenon or a situation in which large number of people and assets are exposed to difficulties and the defined causes result in the global communities potentially liable to face the water problem. (20)


Solution providers are kindly requested to submit their proposals through the online submission system via the KIWW official website using the provided application form. Please make sure that all submissions must be filled out in English. Other languages are not acceptable.

  • It is strongly recommended for all submitters to read carefully and follow the submission instructions indicated on the provided template. The official template can be downloaded on the KIWW website.
  • Proposals can only be submitted via online submission system. The email submission will not be considered.
  • It is requested to create an account first on the sigh-up page in order to submit your proposal through the website.
  • Both problem and solution proposals must be filled out in English. Other languages are not acceptable.  One person (or organization) can submit more than one proposal with the different water problems and solutions.  Please make sure that all materials submitted for entry will not be returned and they might be used or published partially or wholly by the secretariat.

Submitted solution proposals will be evaluated by the judging committee in accordance with the evaluation criteria and up to 6 selected solution providers will be invited to the final round during the KIWW 2018.

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For more information, visit World Water Challenge.