Jan Michalski Foundation Residencies for Writers 2019 (Fully funded)

Jan Michalski Foundation Residencies for Writers 2019 (Fully funded)

Deadline: August 31, 2018

Applications are invited for the Jan Michalski Foundation Residencies for Writers 2018. The Foundation features an original group of seven residential modules that are available to writers, translators, and other creative individuals for residencies of varying lengths.

In 2019, a percentage of the residences will be dedicated to nature writing, a form of fiction or creative non-fiction that raises awareness of nature, prepares for a sustainable way of living, and helps to better understand socio-environmental interconnections and the impact of human actions on nature.

Hanging from the openwork canopy surrounding the Foundation, the living spaces are called “treehouses” and offer ideal conditions to anyone looking to start, continue, or put the final touches on a writing or translating project. The length of stay may be two week-, one-, two-, three- or six-month. The length of stay should match the scope of the project. The period applied for is a request only, and the Jan Michalski Foundation reserves the right to offer another period depending on availability.


  • Residents’ travel costs to and from their home address will be covered by the Foundation;
  • Residents are granted a monthly allowance of CHF 1200;
  • The Foundation provides breakfast and lunch for residents and the village has a small grocery shop;
  • Electric bikes are available for residents;
  • Montricher train station, with regular connections to Morges, is situated two kilometers from the Foundation;
  • Residents have free access to the library during the day;
  • Residents are free to participate in cultural activities organized by the Foundation.


  • Open to everyone across the globe. There are no age or nationality restrictions;
  • Residences are open to all types of writing. Priority is given to writers and translators but the residences are open to other disciplines where writing is at the heart of the project;
  • Residencies can be granted for individual projects or projects in pairs;
  • Beginners are accepted.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be assessed based on three criteria: the quality of the project, the candidate’s professional background and whether or not the duration of the stay matches the scope of the project. Beginners’ applications are assessed based on the quality of the project and the motivation they are able to convey in their application.


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For more information, visit Fondation Jan Michalski Residences for Writers.