Arts Network Asia (ANA) Project Grants 2019 (Up to US$10,000)

Arts Network Asia (ANA) Project Grants 2019 (Up to US$10,000)

Deadline: January 15, 2019

Applications are open for the Arts Network Asia (ANA) Project Grants 2019. ANA supports projects that are initiated and implemented in Asia, in collaboration with Asian artists residing in Asia.

These projects should engage with Asian arts, cultural, media or activist communities; and in particular projects that maintain a focus on Southeast Asia will be supported. ANA will consider projects that encourage progressive exchanges and collaborations between and among various cultures and communities within Asia.

ANA will also emphasise projects by the peer communities that multiply effects and form a sustainable network to encourage participation from a larger community of artists, cultural workers and arts organisations. ANA promotes collaborations and exchanges with diverse cultures across borders in Asia and would look into the potential of local-regional-global complementation.


  • ANA grants may be up to a maximum of US$10,000 for each project, and is open to supporting existing or new projects.


  • Open to artists, cultural workers, arts activists, and arts communities in Asia;
  • Granted Projects must be completed by 30 June 2019. This includes the full submission of reports to ANA;
  • Follow-up proposals on past projects supported by ANA can also be accommodated.

Selection Criteria

  • Projects should focus on collaborations within Asia;
  • Independent and process-oriented arts projects, rather than product-orientated projects;
  • Projects in diverse arts disciplines (e.g. performing arts, visual arts, film/video/new media, literature, critical discourse, arts management);
  • Individual phase (completed with reports by 30 June 2019) of a larger project that extends beyond ANA’s proposed date of completion;
  • Projects submitted by individuals who have a ready network to activate, enable and transform their communities;
  • Artistic merit of the project or its positive impact on larger communities;
  • Projects that empower and capacity-build the arts communities in Asia;
  • Continuity and sustainability of projects;
  • Visibility of the project e.g. physical events or project website, and
  • Presence of other sources of funding


A final maximum 6-A4 page project proposal, saved in one single PDF file, must be submitted. The project proposal should include information on the content, philosophy and intention of the project, brief bio/profile of participants, details of project’s budget and communication plan. An applicant is only allowed to submit ONE application. All applications should be submitted in English ONLY and through the online application.

For more information, visit ANA Grants.