The ONE Champions Program 2019 – Youth Ambassadors Program for Senegal and Mali (Fully funded)

The ONE Champions Program 2019 – Youth Ambassadors Program for Senegal and Mali (Fully funded)

Deadline: February 10, 2019

The ONE Champions Program 2019 is open for applications. The Champions program aims to empower citizens at the local level to lead and drive change on ONE issues with their policymakers and communities using locally relevant channels and tactics. Champions help us reach members who share the same passion for change.

Their role in any year is to focus on and amplify the priorities ONE Africa is working. All the information will be provided at the inception of the Champions program in Senegal and Mali.

To do this, they provide a unique platform for champions to take action that will have an impact on their community, their country and the world, working in an appropriate environment, with ONE members who are mission driven.

About ONE

ONE is an international campaign and advocacy organization supported from its early stages til this day by more than 12.5 million action takers worldwide who are working to end extreme poverty and preventable diseases, particularly in Africa.

The ONE regional office in Francophone West Africa, based in Senegal launches the ONE Champions Program in Senegal and Mali. This program will recruit, train and support emerging leaders aged 18 to 35 who will support ONE advocacy work in Senegal and Mali. Their advocacy campaigns cover the areas of education, particularly girls’ education, health, gender, agriculture, good governance and transparency, to name but a few as means to eradicate poverty.

ONE Champions are vibrant, committed group of volunteers who work to support ONE Africa’s advocacy work. They lobby decision makers, recruit and manage members in their clusters, support digital and media advocacy efforts, and mobilize public support for causes ONE is promoting.


  • Training on campaigns, advocacy, media relations, lobbying of policy makers
  • A certificate of appreciation from ONE -Opportunities to represent ONE at national and international conferences

The program is fully funded by ONE


  • Be between 18 and 35 years of age and reside in Senegal or Mali
  • Have a certain level of education (BFEM or DEF at least)
  • Be willing and ready to engage in the ONE Champions Program year-round
  • Have the basics in terms of using social networks
  • Passion for creating change
  • Proven commitment to end poverty
  • Interest in engaging policymakers on issues of relevance
  • Good social media and general communication skills


Click here to apply.

For more information, visit ONE Africa.