Call for Code Global Challenge 2019 for Developers, Designers and Entrepreneurs (Win up to $200,000 cash prize)

Call for Code Global Challenge 2019 for Developers, Designers and Entrepreneurs (Win up to $200,000 cash prize)

Deadline: July 29, 2019

The Call for Code Global Challenge 2019 is now open for entries. The Call for Code Global Initiative rallies developers to create practical, effective, and high-quality applications based on cloud, data, and artificial intelligence that can have an immediate and lasting impact on humanitarian issues. Call for Code brings startup, academic, and enterprise developers together and inspires them to solve the most pressing societal issues of our time.

The Challenge

Building on the success of the 2018 competition, the 2019 Challenge again asks developers to create solutions that significantly improve preparedness for natural disasters and accelerate relief when they hit. This year’s challenge introduces an emphasis on individual health and community wellbeing. This includes solutions that can reduce the risk of disease, improve access to data and the availability of resources, and address the mental health needs of those impacted before, during, and after disasters.


  • One team will win the second annual Call for Code Global Prize, supported by the United Nations Human Rights Office and the American Red Cross.
  • The winner and runners up will also earn several other awards that foster adoption of their application as an open source project through the The Linux Foundation to scale its impact and accelerate its deployment in areas of greatest need.
  • In addition, the grand prize winner will have an opportunity to meet mentors and investors to discuss potential funding for the idea and they will receive deployment consultation through the IBM Corporate Service Corps.

Grand Prize

  • $200,000 USD cash prize
  • Invitation to the Call for Code Global Prize Celebration
  • Long-term open source project support from The Linux Foundation
  • Opportunity for mentorship and investment in the solution
  • Offer to deploy the solution with IBM Corporate Service Corps

First and Second Runner Up

  • $25,000 USD cash prize for each team
  • Invitation to the Call for Code Global Prize Celebration
  • Long-term open source project support from The Linux Foundation

Third and Fourth Runner Up

  • $10,000 USD cash prize for each team
  • Long-term open source project support from The Linux Foundation


  • All developers, designers, and entrepreneurs who are over the age of 18 or the age of majority in their jurisdiction, whichever is greater. Employees of IBM and DCC not eligible to participate. All participants must accept the terms of the Participant Agreement upon submission. An internal Call for Code initiative and prize structure for IBM employees is being deployed separately from the global challenge.


  • Submissions must use one or more IBM Cloud services or IBM Systems. Use of sponsor or affiliate APIs and open source libraries is also encouraged.
  • Teams of up to five (5) participants, each at least 18 years old, are allowed.
  • A participant may not be part of multiple teams.
  • All team members must have accept the Participation Agreement at the time they submit to be eligible.
  • Applications must be new and built for the 2019 competition, but they may use code that was open sourced and publicly available to all other participants as of February 12, 2019.
  • Winning teams will be subject to a code review after submissions close.
  • Overall rights of first refusal to invest in projects will be outlined in the Participant Agreement.


Submissions will be judged equally across 4 key criteria.

  • Completeness and transferability
    How fully has the idea been implemented? Can it achieve an impact in the field? Can it be transferred elsewhere?
  • Effectiveness and efficiency
    Does the solution address a high priority area? Does it achieve its goal effectively and efficiently? Can it scale?
  • Design and usability
    How good is the design, user experience, and ease of use of the solution? How quickly can it be put to use?
  • Creativity and innovation
    How unique was the approach to solving a long-standing or previously intractable problem?


  1. Participants can join the 2019 Call for Code Challenge Community hosted by IBM. Use your account to get familiar with IBM technology – see below for more information – and engage developer advocates in the IBM Coder community to answer any questions you may have.
  2. The competition platform will be opened at the end of March, along with detailed submission rules.

Your team leader will require the following information to fill out the form:

  • Team name.
  • Teammate names and emails. Remember, you can only be part of one team of up to 5 members, and your team can only submit one application. Each person must have registered and therefore accepted the Participant Agreement.
  • Submission title/summary. Describe your team’s solution in 7 words or less.
  • Describe your solution in more detail. Give us a more detailed description of what you’re building, what problem you are solving, and why it matters in less than 500 words.
  • Solution roadmap. How mature is your submission and where do you intend to take it from here?
  • Link to GitHub or other source repository (You can provide an additional description and diagrams here. Hint: Review the judging criteria and rules.
  • Three-minute demo video. Record a demo of your project, upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and share the URL. If there is a password please share it here.
  • What IBM Cloud services did you use?

Click here to join the challenge community.

For more information, visit Call for Code.