Multitasking: 5 tips to help you to focus on your tasks

Multitasking: 5 tips to help you to focus on your tasks

Researchers say the concentration of a human being does not last more than 10 minutes at a time. Although some do argue that we only have an 8-second concentration spa – less than that of a goldfish. This is because your brain is always looking for something new to dwell on. In this digital era, the brain is attuned to distractions, so it is hard for them to focus. A person’s survival, however, mainly depends on their ability to focus on what is important to them more than what is in the environment they are in. It is difficult to just focus on one thing when everything is always changing.

Multitasking skill is often a lifesaving, but it has the potential to reduce your intelligence and drop your literary IQ. It is easier to miss cues and make mistakes when doing several things at the same time. Deep focus is transformative. It does not mean that you need to have constant focus; it means that you concentrate entirely for a few minutes each day on your tasks so that you are successful and accomplish more each day. Here are a few tips that can help you learn how to stay focused at work and school:

  • Conquer procrastination

One of the easiest ways to learn how to stay focused is to beat procrastination. For students in UK, like the rest of the world, there is always a better party to plan, games to play, a series to catch up on and sometimes even a power nap that ends up being too long. Anything is better than staying focused and studying. Even with an excellent essay writing service for students – when you are wondering “write my dissertation for me”, it is crucial for one to learn to concentrate on their studies. It creates a better avenue for success in education. Next time you want to skip doing something remind yourself that completing it will mean that it is no longer in your mind. Give yourself some incentives if you have to do so not delay.

  • Manage your time

A huge issue that learners have is time management. This is an issue that is also affecting business in UK. You must make sure that you allocate an activity to each hour in your day. Studies have also found that people only concentrate entirely for about 6 hours a week. You, therefore, need to plan adequately for that time. Make sure that you are concentrating on what is important to you. Find out which hours of the day your concentration is at its maximum and use those hours for your studies and essay writing in UK. If you are looking for ways to stay focused, with a time table your time is well organized, so you know what you are supposed to do at all time.

  • Train your mind

They say that a habit is a disease. Well, maybe it is because once you get used to something, it is nearly impossible to stop. So, train your brain to stay trained and avoid multitasking. Practice this by turning off all forms of distraction and commit your attention to just one task. At first, your mind will wander, do not worry just return to the task at hand. Just like other things, you must self-motivate yourself, stay focused and build your concentration, a day at a time.

  • Prepare yourself for the task

People assume that they can just jump right into things. However, this is not always possible. Prepare your mind for the task at hand before you engage in it. Start by slowing down and keeping calm. Take a minute and look over the task and breath. Make sure that you are in a comfortable situation and that you have removed all items that may confuse you. If you are studying, make sure your study take is away from any form of traffic and your phone’s notifications have been switched off.

  • Stay off the internet

You live and die by the interest, but it is also a very distractive tool for any task. Therefore to fully put your mind into something you need to eliminate the distractions. You are likely to want to see if a client has responded to your email or whether a friend replied to your texts. These are all things that can wait at least 30 minutes or an hour. Take this time to complete all the important tasks that require your undivided attention. You can use a timer like the Pomodoro timer to help you stay on track and know when your concentration span has increased.


If you are determined enough, the deep focus will not be a huge issue for you. There are so many tricks that will work for you. However, remember that what may work for you may not work for everyone else. It is therefore just as important figuring out what tips are suitable for you.

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