Taipei International Design Award 2019 (NT$ 3,800,000 in prizes)

Taipei International Design Award 2019 (NT$ 3,800,000 in prizes)

Deadline: July 18, 2019

The Taipei City Government invites entries for the Taipei International Design Award 2019. This is an open call for outstanding international designs and an effort to shape Taipei into a convergence platform for creative designs. The awards aims to discover creative designs with business potential, and encourage practices of social design in an advocacy that design as a medium can bring humans a better, more pleasant and convenient life.

Over the years, Taipei City Government has been devoted to shaping Taipei into a city with design visions and has been continuously conveying to those with a passion for design and creativeness the urban branding of “Design Taipei; Dream Taipei.” Taipei City Government extends its invitation to designers from all over the world to join in and vie for the highest honor.


  1. Industrial Design:
    • Industrial design refers to industrial product design for mass production, including general and digital applications, vehicle design, equipment and instrument design, life and household product design, capital communication and home appliance design and other categories.
  2. Visual Communication Design
    • The visual communication design category includes digital graphic creation, recognition design, poster design, packaging design and print design (including digital printing).
  3. Public Space Design
    • Provide open space for public use, government buildings and some private buildings.


The total award amounts to NT$3,800,000.

  1. Aside from the cash prize, the Taipei City Mayor Award /Golden/Silver/Bronze/ico-D Special/IFI Special/Judges’ Special/Social Design Award/Applied Design Award/Inclusive Design Award winners will also receive a trophy and a certificate of recognition; the Sponsors, Distinction and People’s Choice Awards will receive a certificate of recognition.
  2. Absent or addition of award winners permitted when the judge panel sees fit. The judge panel also reserves the right to change the prize or the award granted.
  3. The organizer reserves the right to adjust content and quantity of Sponsors Awards.
  4. The names of all the winners will be announced on the official website to allow businesses to contact them for future design projects.


  • Anyone interested in design in the world can participate.
  • Not limited to individuals or groups.
  • Group participation is limited to 5 people, and one of them is the representative to complete the registration.


  • Creative: Design creativity and originality.
  • Technical: Technology application maturity and work functionality, materials, technology, etc. Review model refinement
  • Applicability: Works use new materials to reduce pollution and solve daily life problems User-friendly Degree of commercialization
  • Artistry: Aesthetic performance


Review method:

  1. Qualification review: A review of the qualifications of the entries, whether the documents are complete, or whether the format of the works meets the specifications.
  2. Initial selection: In order to reduce the waste of paper ink printing and postal air transportation, the e-platform is used for initial selection review. The jury is based on the files provided by the entrants. The organizer must file all eligible works. Submit to the jury. In the primary selection stage, 10%~15% of each category will be selected for re-election, and then 17~23 works will be selected for promotion.
  3. Final selection: The industrial design category is selected by real product, model or 3D animation surface; the visual communication design category is selected by the original work or the poster output conforming to the standard size. The public space design class is model or 3D animation and conforms to the specification size. The poster output is selected.
  4. Best Popularity Award: For each finalist vote, a maximum of 1 vote per person per category will be awarded. The highest number of votes in each category will receive the “Best Popularity Award”.

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For more information, visit Taipei Award.