Private Education – Creating Opportunities for Your Child

Private Education – Creating Opportunities for Your Child

In the UK there is a huge ongoing debate on the value of private school education, as covered here. For some people, private schools foster a social class divide, where a few individuals are offered a better chance of succeeding in life. It is these same individuals, who claim that private education is only slightly better than state education. However, for parents of children in UK private school, the system is a godsend. Despite claims otherwise, they can reap several benefits by sending their children to an independent school as opposed to a state school. Below is a look at some of these benefits:

  1. Improved academic performance

It is no secret that your child stands a better chance of doing better academically if they attend an independent school in the UK. This is because most private schools are well funded and thus can offer better learning resources to the students.

The school also enjoy a huge advantage of having a small student population, which consequently allows for smaller classes. As a result, the teachers can focus on each and every student, something that is not usually possible in most state schools. The end result of this is a more personalised learning experience, which boosts academic performance.

With private schools, there is also a higher level of participation from various stakeholders, starting with the parents. Due to the sizable amounts of money parents invest in private school fees, for example:, they are much more likely to be involved in their children’s academic lives, to see to it that their investment is not going to waste.

Likewise, teachers are very much involved in the students’ lives in the private school system. From private tutoring to academic counselling, students can extract more help from their teachers, which goes a long way in helping them perform better. Therefore, if you are looking to improve the academic performance of your child, sending them to private school is a good decision.

  1. Excellent extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities play a very important role in the lives of children, starting with boosting academic performance. While some might argue that the activities take time away from studies, students who engage in them have been shown to have better academic performance. This is because hobbies sports and other activities cultivate positive attitude and self-confidence in learners, which can encourage them to do well in the classrooms.

Aside from academic performance, extra-curricular are very useful in fostering social development. They help students to make friends, learn teamwork, interact with diverse cultures, and gain a range of other soft skills that turn them into well-rounded and useful members of the society.

The huge advantage private schools have when it comes to extracurricular activities is that they offer better opportunities. With private funding, they can offer well-funded sports, arts, music, drama, and club programmes. Students also benefit from opportunities such as foreign trips and exchange programmes, which are not easily accessible in state schools.

  1. A safer learning environment

One of the main challenges facing state schools in the UK today is insecurity. Due to limited funding, large student population, and poor teacher to student ration, the schools struggle with implementing and maintain effective security measures.

As a result, learners are exposed to security vulnerabilities in the form of unauthorised persons getting into school grounds. Students can also be able to leave school grounds easily during school hours, something that can put them at risk.

In crime-ridden neighbourhoods, students are even at higher risk of being affected by gang wars, drugs, and weapon proliferation into schools. This can lead to unsafe learning environments, which not only put their lives in danger but impact heavily on their academic performance. Aside from external threats, internal threats in the form of bullying are also rampant in state schools.

Private school, however, don’t suffer from these security concerns. Due to their adequate funding, they can invest in the best security measures, including high-tech perimeter fences and CCTV surveillance. As such, they can prevent unauthorised persons from entering the school grounds, and at the same time, ensure that students don’t leave school when not permitted.

Private schools also have high discipline standards. On top of that, the small teacher to student ratio enables them to monitor and deal with any discipline concerns such as bullying. As a result, in a well-managed private school, a child can enjoy a safe and conducive learning environment.

  1. Diverse network connections

A typical private school in the UK attracts students from all walks of life, including international students from influential families. Taking your child to such as a school is thus a great way of helping him/her to develop strong social networks, which can prove to be very helpful in the future.

State schools, on the other hand, lack this advantage. While there is quite a bit of diversity, most of the students are usually from the same locality. And with a huge student population, forging strong social networks might not be possible.

  1. Better social development

Better social development is another top reason for sending your child to private schools. This is especially the case with private boarding schools, where the students are taught to be independent. On top of that, the private education curriculum is enriched with programs that cultivate a range of skills such as public speaking, leadership, analytical thinking, teamwork, problem-solving, and others that guarantee better social development.

A better head-start for your child’s future

Despite contrary claims from critics, private school education has several benefits, which offers your child a better head start in life. From improved academic performance to better social development and cultivation of important soft skills, the benefits offered are endless. As a result, a child who is committed and puts in the right amount of effort can benefit greatly, from things such as prestigious university admissions and better-paying jobs. Therefore, if you are considering sending your child to a private school, there are more than enough reasons to make the switch.

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