8 Proven Tactics to up Your YouTube Marketing Game

8 Proven Tactics to up Your YouTube Marketing Game

It is no secret that humans relish video content, unlike any other. Unlike books, video content has the least cognitive load on the human brain as the imagination part is already fulfilled by the content creator.  

This can be seen as one of the most striking factors why YouTube became one of the most successful and influential digital innovations of our time. Being the second-largest search engine on the planet, YouTube receives one billion watch hours every day. 

Almost every marketer you’ll ever meet will place YouTube as a top priority strategy to market a business. And if you thought your target audience is out of its scope – you’re terribly wrong. 8 out of 10 internet users watch YouTube videos. 

In fact, many marketers uphold YouTube marketing as their secret sauce, even though it’s doable by any with the right techniques. One of the techniques to be highly discoverable on the platform is to make use of the right keywords so your content will be positioned right at the top of every search result that users make. You can also add a compelling thumbnail using creative design templates can be the key to attracting users to click on your video. 

Aside from these, there are numerous techniques you can apply in YouTube marketing. That said, here are 8 proven tactics that will level up your YouTube marketing game in no time. 

1. Create Content That Your Audience Wants 

This may sound cliché, but creating content that promotes your products alone won’t do the trick. Instead, you need to make it informative, humorous (if possible), and valuable to the user journey. 

This makes it extremely crucial to learn your audience and understand their wants and needs. The best way to do this is by looking at what your competitors do the best and worst. Look at their top-performing content and comment sections. Check what the audience love and hate the most and create videos that can address both.

Furthermore, today, to make your audience stay and watch, you need to be able to solve their dilemma. And once you show that in the first five crucial seconds of the video, your audience will be hooked. Creating content tackling how you can help your audience with their challenges will be spot on.  And positioning your calls to action (CTA) on the video’s caption will likely convert to sales.  

If you’re still stuck wondering how to edit videos for YouTube, we have good news for you. Online video editing tools like VideoCreek makes this process a piece of cake. 

2. Experiment With Multiple Formats 

If Gen Z represents your target audience, they are most likely to interact more with short content. However, to leave no room for assumptions, you can experiment with multiple formats and see the ones that resonate with your audience.

The thing with digital marketing is you can quickly view the results, and you won’t have to wait a long time to know if your video content is gaining traction.  Video insights are readily available on the platform, and analyzing them to create the next steps of your action plan will be crucial. So, here are some types of videos you can try. 

  • Interview
  • How-to or tutorial
  • Explainer
  • Talking head
  • Vlog
  • Review

Although there are numerous online video editing tools available, VideoCreek is one of the easiest YouTube video editor available that will enable you to edit any type of video with the effects and transitions your audience will love. Give it a try and see how dramatically the production quality will increase. 

3. Optimize Your Video 

As previously mentioned, YouTube is no different from a search engine like Google. Your videos are ranked on the results or showcased on the home page based on their titles, keywords, description, engagement, and many other factors. 

For that,  

  • Write a clickable title with relevant keywords.
  • Create a hard to resist video thumbnail.
  • Write a keyword-rich video description.
  • Include captions in multiple languages, especially the ones your target audience will appreciate.
  • Use end screens and playlists to lead viewers to other videos.

Optimizing your YouTube profile is equally important in that case. Complete the “About” section of your channel, add social links, organize playlists, and don’t forget to include the channel art, icon, and watermark on your videos. 

4. Be Short, Concise, and Engaging 

There isn’t a particular rule as to what represents an ideal length for YouTube videos. It wholly depends on who your audience is and the type of content you create. However, don’t go overboard with it. If you’re entirely new to YouTube marketing, try publishing short-form content first and gradually increase the duration, based on your audience’s feedback. 

The key is to make the content as engaging as possible. You need to be extra cautious about the intro of your videos. A video intro maker like VideoCreek will allow you to create stunning visuals, capable of gluing the audience to the video.  

Ensure you don’t delay the value of your content to the ending – viewers have the least patience, considering thousands of videos are uploaded every day on the platform. 

5. Be Social 

YouTube is a social networking platform like Instagram or Facebook. Comments by your viewers, whether positive or negative, should be equally embraced and addressed. If they point out some flaws, thank them for doing so and rectify it. 

Your brand voice will be of great use on this platform. Engaging with your audience is a powerful tool to expand your reach and for people to know your values as a brand. This is why it would be great to have a designated person to answer queries, comments, and feedback in the comments section. This way, even rude commenters can be immediately nipped in the bud.

Your viewers will have questions about your products as well. Answer them, and even before you know it, they might become loyal customers of your business. 

6. Collaborate With Top Influencers 

If you’re relatively new to the platform, collaborate with top influencers of your niche to gain a sudden boost of subscribers and viewers. 6 out of 10 YouTube subscribers will take shopping advice from their favorite content creators. 

And if you do collaborate with an influencer, give them the freedom to creatively introduce your product – you don’t have to be too pushy in that part. You can ask them to include links to your videos on the end cards to increase your channel’s traffic. 

7. Include CTAs 

The primary purpose of uploading videos is to attract potential customers. As previously mentioned, selling directly would do more harm than good. Instead, you can use end screens and video descriptions to encourage viewers to visit your website, product page, and others. 

If you’re running an offline store, you can even provide special coupons to increase foot traffic. But again, don’t be too pushy. 

8. Analyze Your Videos 

Not all videos are made to fetch millions of views, especially during your initial days in the platform. Some videos may unexpectedly gain a great deal of attention, but the ones you put the most effort may not.  

The key is to continually track your videos using YouTube Analytics, and after some ups and downs, you’ll rightly know what your audience wants. 

After uploading each video, check whether there is any significant change in the subscriber count, look whether your thumbnails are receiving the expected click-through rate, and see the engagement rate in the form of likes, comments, and shares. Use these invaluable findings to better your upcoming uploads. 

Bottom Line 

Contrary to popular belief, consistency isn’t always the key to win the YouTube marketing game. Your audience will forgive even if you miss to upload for a week. But if you publish a low-quality or undesirable video, it won’t take much time to lose loyalty. Perhaps you may think about increasing your audience and find out about growth tools like Lenos to grow your channel rapidly.. 

YouTube is an extremely useful platform to drive traffic to your website, grow your email list, and, most importantly, to increase your sales. Along with blogs, social media, and other methods, use YouTube to assist your overall content marketing efforts and cross-promote one other. 

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