Top 3 Emerging Careers For Law Students

Top 3 Emerging Careers For Law Students

If back in the days going to law schools naturally meant you were going to be a lawyer (or another similar job position), nowadays the field of law practice is getting wider. Moreover, due to the latest technological developments, the legal world is changing and new jobs show up on the market.  

Therefore, if you’re in law school or you’re a law school graduate, your options are getting wider by the minute. In support of this affirmation, let’s have a look at the top emerging careers that law students can consider in 2021.

#1: Lawyer

True, being a lawyer is nothing new – the position has been around since time immemorial. However, there are new specializations a student may want to consider, such as the field of new technologies. 

A lawyer specialized in new technologies can get involved in litigations and other legal scenarios that focus heavily on technological terms (such as defending patent owners, establishing copyright or trademarks). 

Moreover, as a lawyer living in a highly technological world, you need to know how to develop creative, technology-driven solutions that help businesses and conglomerates move forward with their plans. Therefore, any student who wants to take up tech-oriented jobs should know how to use analytics, blockchain, and smart contract technology and the main legal issues that arise from using them.

Of course, before you can do any of that you have to pass the bar exam, which is no easy feat. So, before you think about what to do once you become a lawyer, you need to focus on preparing for the bar exam. For this, check out this review of the best BAR prep courses and select the ones that suit your needs the best. 

#2: Management Consultant

True, you don’t need a law degree to be a management consultant, but it helps if you aim for a position in one of the top-tier companies of the world. Companies like McKinsey & Company and Bain & Company often hire law graduates because they know these are the candidates with the most solid critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Moreover, management consulting companies also accept experienced lawyers (as consultants) due to their well-developed communication skills. Such consultants are usually assigned to the wealthiest and most professional customers. 

#3: Data Protection & Privacy Consultant

According to recruitment specialists, there aren’t enough attorneys who understand and can apply data privacy rules in a business setting. 

As consumers become more aware of their rights in terms of data privacy law students have the amazing chance of building a solid law career in the cybersecurity and data privacy field. Moreover, due to immoral practices and blatant abuse of power from internet giants like Facebook and Google (they’re not the only ones), new rules and regulations will be set in place in the years to come. 

This means that everyone who processes user data online (basically every entity that owns a website) will have to ensure their compliance with privacy laws and security regulations. As a result, the employment market is (and will be) in dire need of law specialists who understand these rules and regulations and know how to apply them. Additionally, such a consultant should also know the steps to follow in case of a data breach or a cyber-attack. 

Wrap Up

While there are plenty of benefits to being a lawyer, there are equally lucrative career opportunities for the new generations of students to come. In all fairness, you may find a wide array of technology consulting jobs, but if you are passionate about this field, there is a fantastic opportunity for growth, even beyond experienced lawyer standards.

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