6 Lead Generation Strategies for e-Commerce Businesses

6 Lead Generation Strategies for e-Commerce Businesses

Yes, different customers operate differently according to the industries they are in. They have different motivations to buy, varying shopping habits, and even objections. Therefore, you have to tailor your lead generation strategy accordingly for it to get you results. This, however, should not worry you. Some basic adjustments will have your lead generation rate skyrocketing. 

Lead generation is essential if your business is to make or increase its sales. With that in mind, below are some practical tips that can help you improve your lead generation rate.

1. Always post quality content

As an e-commerce business owner, creating content is one of the numerous tasks you will have to do. A business website is not just about posting the products on your inventory; some people will be visiting your website searching for information, news, or the inspiration to establish a working relationship with you. 

For this, your website will require articles that have information relating to the products offered by your business. This can include why they should buy them, how to use them, and where to get them. If you do not have the writing skills or you have a tight schedule, you can outsource these services from the numerous freelance writer platforms available. Here, you will connect with writers with knowledge in your field who can develop top-quality content for you at affordable prices.

2. Improve the aesthetic look of your business website

The first impression matters. The overall look of your websites can be the difference between a buyer wanting to work with you or not. Therefore, you must ensure that your website is in its best-looking appearance. Everything from the color palette to the arrangement of content should be aesthetically pleasing. 

To begin with, ensure that your website doesn’t have too much going on; limit the features to the things relevant to what you offer as a business. After that, create an amazing landing page and use high-quality images to make it more attractive. 

3. Offer lucrative deals and amazing discounts

With the current competition in e-commerce, if your business is to succeed you will have to stand out from your competition and do the things that they are not doing, one of them being offering attractive benefits regularly. However, while doing so, ensure that the incentive you use will give the lead a reason to stick around and work with you further instead of fulfilling their wants elsewhere.

An excellent example of a lucrative incentive is discounts and offers for first-time customers. You can decide to ship their deliveries for free, give them coupons, or even offer discounts. This way more shoppers will want to work with you, thus growing your business further. 

The main reason for you to set up such attractive benefits is to hook your lead immediately. 

4. Search Engine Optimization

It is imperative for the advancement of your business to monitor customer behavior and understand the channel they use whenever they want to shop for goods online. Mostly, you will realize that they search for their items in search engines like Google. 

Such information will help you optimize your website accordingly. A good SEO strategy will improve your site’s rankings, meaning that it will appear among the top picks whenever a user goes online with an intent to find products that you offer. This will make it easier for customers to find your website, browse through your products, and buy them. 

5. Use of Pay-per-click Advertising

Even though SEO strategies are a long-term investment, you can still run pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements in renowned platforms such as Google Ads. This works well, especially if you are yet to optimize your website for a better ranking fully. 

PPC services are all about creating campaigns based on keywords. For example, if your e-commerce business sells swimming costumes, your ad can be displayed in the search results for “best swimming costumes for men.” 

These keywords help your business thrive even if your competitors already dominate the industry. 

6. Personalization services

More often than not, customers are looking for unique and different products. With that in mind, personalization can be a great way to reach such customers. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you can venture into personalized marketing where you will develop your ads and offers in relevance to a variety of customers. 

Let’s say a user had previously visited a site looking for a specific product. In such a situation, your website can display the offers and deals available for the product once they land on the website. This makes it easier for them to find what they are looking for, raising the chances of making a purchase.


Lead generation is vital for a business to succeed. As challenging as it might seem, you only need a good strategy and the determination to execute it, and that’s it.

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