Top Highly Paid Education Jobs that will be in Demand in the Future

Top Highly Paid Education Jobs that will be in Demand in the Future

The professions of the future are professions at the junction of several disciplines that will appear in 15–20 years. Such professions will complement or replace existing ones.

For example, truck drivers will be replaced by uncrewed vehicles. The car will drive itself, and the person will develop, control and maintain this transport. If you do not master the profession of the future now, you will be replaced by a robot or artificial intelligence. Therefore, in the future, you will be left without work. According to the Jobs of Tomorrow report, more than 75 million people in the world could be unemployed due to robotization and automation.

Are you looking for high-paying education jobs that will be in demand in the future? We have collected the top 5 professions in this direction, which will bring you stable and high income.

Educational Trajectory Developer

The developer’s activities as educational trajectories intersect with pedagogy, psychology, and HR management. This specialist should:

  • Have a good understanding of educational methods.
  • Understand how educational programs and educational courses are built.
  • Know what technologies for effective teaching are.
  • Evaluate what the personal characteristics of a particular student are – for example, his motivation, abilities, current level of development of competencies and skills.
  • Own the situation in the labor market. Know how competencies are grouped into professions, which sets of competencies are required for which professions.

It is difficult for a person to realize the shortcomings in their knowledge and skills in most cases. Unconscious incompetence inhibits human development and prevents him from realizing his potential. Therefore, designing a personal trajectory is essential to assess the abilities, current level, and potential realistically. For effective self-realization, a person needs a guide in the world of educational opportunities and the needs of the labor market.

With all this information, the designer of individual educational trajectories builds a personal, educational route for a specific person: best methods, courses, forms of training, which in the end give a demanded specialist with an up-to-date set of competencies. Moreover, this entire set of educational impacts is selected, taking into account the abilities and individual characteristics of a particular person.

Today, in general, secondary vocational, higher, and additional education, there are tasks of maximum individualization of education. Max Malak, an expert in management and business, notes that the demand for such experts will increase every year. At the same time, wages will start at $ 70,000 per year.

Author of Individual Writings

Do you have competent knowledge in a particular scientific field, can express thoughts clearly, and want to improve your financial condition? These three components are enough to try yourself as an author of personal writings. Jobs of this kind are in high demand, and a shortage of skilled experts is expected in the future.

Having mastered this profession, you get the following advantages:

  • The ability to earn at home, at any time convenient for you.
  • A good student letter writer will never run out of income – the number of students increases annually and the assignments. Therefore, every student at least once in his life will want to visit the student help website and buy an essay, dissertation, term paper, or any other paper.
  • By creating student papers, you hone your skill in expressing thoughts clearly and broaden your horizons.

The median income of an author writing student papers is $ 60,000 per year.

Game Master

The game master is responsible for developing unique games, their systematization, and systematic implementation into educational programs. The game master is a teacher who owns the knowledge of the subject and the methods of teaching it. Also game master is an IT specialist who can simulate game situations, visualize them using modern technologies, and playfully present them by the age characteristics of the audience being trained.

The game master can own the same traditional knowledge as subject teachers. Still, it is imperative to perfectly master all the nuances of presenting the material in an interesting, playful way. Note that the duties of a game master are not much different from those of modern teachers:

  • Planning is drawing up a training program according to the classical scheme, from simple to complex.
  • Organization of the game process.
  • Process management to achieve the set goal.

The game master must be an energetically open person who senses every student, changing mood, desires, and interests. Such a teacher effectively models the process of play and communication, experiments with methods, techniques, and forms. A teacher-gamer must know the physiological and psychological patterns of personality development to establish contact with the audience. He also needs to understand the game’s place in each age period, know the methodology and master the basics of game technology.

How much can a game master earn? Income can reach over $ 120,000 per year.

Brain Fitness Trainer

A brain fitness trainer is a specialist who creates programs for developing individual cognitive skills depending on the characteristics of a person’s psycho type and goals. For example, programs for memory development, concentration, reading speed, verbal counting, and others. As you know, the final quality of training depends not only on the amount of knowledge but also on individual abilities for their high-quality assimilation. It is these abilities that a mind fitness trainer should develop.

With the advent of artificial intelligence, the issue of compulsory development to the maximum of its capabilities may become essential for the survival of humanity as a species. A brain fitness trainer can earn from $ 100,000 per year.

Online Platform Coordinator

The online educational platform coordinator is an educational project expert with competencies in online pedagogy and accompanies online courses’ preparation in specific subjects. Expert organizes and promotes courses or educational programs and moderates the communication of teachers and students within a specific platform.

Education, like any laborious and lengthy process, requires management. The educational platform coordinator must ensure effective project management so that the educational process does not turn into chaos. The income of the coordinator of the online educational platform starts at $ 80,000 per year. You can also check: 10 Best Online Jobs for Teens.

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