Create a career with a permanent job abroad

Create a career with a permanent job abroad

Maybe it has always been your dream or you studied abroad and now you don’t want to leave. Whatever your reason, you are looking for a job abroad. Quite a big step that involves a lot. Because how do you actually find a job abroad, what permits do you need and where are you going to live? This is not a holiday or a temporary job, but a permanent job abroad, perhaps for an indefinite period of time. It is therefore important that you get to know the language and immerse yourself in the culture.

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of a career in the fashion world in NYC or you prefer to go to a developing country to lend a hand in healthcare. Jobs abroad are available in virtually every industry, employment and education level, so it’s up to you what you do.

A job abroad has countless advantages. This way you get to know a new culture, you meet people from all corners of the world and a job abroad looks great on your CV. In addition, it is of course a huge adventure to move to another country. Have you always dreamed of living abroad but missed the opportunity to study abroad? Then a job abroad is the opportunity for you.

How do you find a job abroad?

Finding a job abroad is not always as easy as looking for a job in your own country. For example, you can’t just drop by for a job interview or deliver your resume to your dream company on your own initiative. Lucky for you, we live in the 21st century, and with the invention of the internet, finding a job abroad just got a whole lot easier.

For example, you will find countless employment agencies that have vacancies open for foreigners. Often these vacancies are posted abroad by international companies, so that the job interview takes place in the country of the head office. That is so easy, because face-to-face contact is often an important factor in the application process. This also usually means that the company or employment agency can help you with the emigration process. For example, when finding a home, arranging permits and sometimes even reserving airline tickets.

You can of course also apply directly to the company abroad. For example, you can check the website for open applications and simply take a chance. Often interviews can also be conducted via video chat, so you can apply for that dream job abroad from the comfort of your own home. You can have postcards printed (translation: ansichtkaarten laten drukken in Dutch) to send these to your family if there is a birthday. With tissue paper (translation: vloeipapier in Dutch) you can make the unwrapping a real experience for the family members.

Working abroad in the healthcare sector

There are jobs abroad in almost every industry. Do you want to work abroad as a nurse? Or are you looking for another job in healthcare? In many countries they could use some help from our Dutch healthcare professionals. There are also special mediation agencies that help healthcare professionals find a job abroad and throughout the process.

Are you looking for a temporary adventure abroad and do you want to contribute to healthcare in a developing country? Then take a look at our blog about volunteering abroad.

Working abroad in a tech (technology) sector

Technical professionals abroad often earn more than in the Netherlands. That is a big reason for many people who work in technology to choose a job abroad. Money alone is of course not the reason to pick up your life and continue in another country. Technology is a tough sector, so you definitely need to have the right motivation and attitude. For a job in technology abroad, there are also various mediation agencies that can help you find a job, but also with other matters such as arranging the right documents, finding a home and getting the house in order. tax matters related to working abroad.

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