How To Know It’s Time for A Career Change

How To Know It’s Time for A Career Change

Who doesn’t want to find a fulfilling job with a meaningful experience and good pay? The reality is that there are very few people who are lucky enough to find the right job that not only meets their expectations but also enhances their life satisfaction.

If you are already thinking about whether to stick with your current job or look for new openings, well those are some clear signs that it is time to make a career change. You are perhaps reading this page as you are looking for some reasons to make an effort to find some fulfilling job that is more meaningful in your life.

Let us first be sure if you really need to make that job change and embark on new joinery. Every job switch would mean new skills and upgrading your educational levels. Thankfully, there are plenty of online masters programs and special vocational education that can enhance your skills as per the job requirements.

Watch out for the following signs that are a clear indication that you need a career change.

You’re no longer excited
 It is definitely the time to change career paths if there is no passion and excitement left within you when you think about your present job. Your mind is already screaming that enough is enough and your body is already filled with anxiety and tension about the next day at the office.  It is evident that your body and mind are already exhausted and are demotivated and struggling to concentrate.

There is no motivation
If you now feel that you don’t fit into your work and are no longer as good at a job as you know you could, well, it is time to leave. If you are motivated at your work, you should feel better about it. But it doesn’t feel good and you’re feeling less and less motivated as the weeks and months and years pass by. Perhaps you already feel useless and insignificant at work. This is not good as you may only end up being frustrated and less confident at work.

Money is the only factor
 While money should not be the sole motivation to work, it is an important factor. After all, we all have some basic expectations as we have some responsibilities to take care of. It could be your family, the mortgage, and your future. While money is great and important, it should not be the only factor holding on to your job. If that is the only factor that is holding you on to your job, you need to rethink and start exploring other options. There is no fun working halfheartedly in a job that no longer excites you.

You are afraid to take the plunge
 If you could leave your job right now, you would but are too afraid to take the decision. Would you? If the answer is yes, it is a clear sign that you need to change your career. Perhaps you are losing your confidence to explore new realms or are afraid of getting rejected. It is an alarming sign as you are getting used to living in a dejected state and have lost hope of moving forward with confident steps. With this kind of state of mind, it would get more difficult to stay motivated.

You dislike day-to-day work
Many employees feel that they are not able to utilize their top skills and thus often struggle to see the practicality of their work. As a result, they start disliking their daily job routines and get frustrated. If you feel so, you need to look at the underlying issues and take a comprehensive approach. Ask yourself what you would like to do and what kind of tasks will excite you the most and keep you motivated.

The growth has plateaued
 Even if you are a high-achiever, it is possible that you feel that there is no scope for further growth. Well, that can be very frustrating, especially if you are an achiever who is forever looking for professional development opportunities. So, if you are in a place and position where you see no more possibility for professional growth and innovation, it is time to ask yourself if you really want to remain in the job.

If you have any or a few of the above signs, clearly you are in the wrong career and need to change your job. Make a successful career change now that you are aware of some common signs that indicate the need for career clarity.

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