5 Tips to Better Prepare for the Dental Admission Test (DAT)

5 Tips to Better Prepare for the Dental Admission Test (DAT)

The Dental Admission Test is a hard and long exam, and the mere thought of it is enough to send anyone into a panic.

Breathe. You can do this!

As long as you keep your head and focus on what you are doing, you will find that preparing for the DAT is actually simpler than you might have thought.

Tip 1: Quality Over Quantity

Students often overwhelm themselves with a ton of DAT prep materials, thinking that will help them cover all bases to better prepare for the test. This is the wrong approach and a huge misconception according to the folks at Test Prep Pal.

Instead, simply pick one reliable DAT prep course that works and stick to that throughout your study period. This will help keep you focused and prevent the panic and fatigue that comes with information overload.

If you choose to have multiple sources of information, then make sure that they complement each other. For instance, while one prep course may be great for biology, another prep course might have excellent chemistry videos. In this case, you may opt to use both materials for their respective strong sections.

This brings me to my next point:

Tip 2: Breadth Over Depth

Avoid focusing on minute details when studying for the DAT. Not only will this slow down your progress, but it will also feel overwhelming quickly, leading to burnout.

The DAT feels overwhelming for many students because there is seemingly endless content to learn and memorize. However, one key thing to remember is that passing the DAT exams doesn’t require you to master every tiny detail.

Instead, you simply have to grasp the main concepts and understand how to apply that knowledge to answer things correctly.

The DAT consists of many sections. Your focus should be on having substantial knowledge of each section rather than being masterful in just one subject – breadth over depth.

Tip 3: Take Advantage of Spaced Repetition

Spaced repetition refers to the idea of seeing the same information over and over, but with different time intervals between each period.

The idea behind spaced repetition is that seeing and re-engaging with that material will help re-cement the information you are taking in. This is a better strategy than dwelling on one thing for an extended period hoping to ingrain the information in your mind.

Spaced repetition is an excellent way to go about targeted reviews as you try to master the concepts in your weak areas, and DAT flashcards are based on this very idea.

Tip 4: Do Plenty of Practice Tests and Questions

Working on DAT questions right from the onset of your studying will help you better study at the specific level of the DAT.

You have to understand that the DAT exam doesn’t just test what was covered in your coursework. Putting what you learned into practice is a unique skill set on its own, and that’s precisely what the DAT tests.

So, working on numerous DAT questions from the start will help give you a better compass of DAT questions, which will better guide you on how to study for the actual exam. Grounding everything you are learning in practice problems will give you a better chance at acing the DAT.

Tip 5: Stay Social and Healthy

I know you want to make optimum use of your study time but passing the DAT exams requires you to maintain a healthy balance in your life as well.

Having a coffee with your friends will help re-energize you, keeping you in a better mindset to continue studying. Don’t sacrifice sports and hobbies either, and remember to get a healthy amount of sleep hours each night.

Doing all these things will help prevent over-studying, which can quickly lead to burnout.


While preparing for the DAT, your studies can take up most of your time. However, the key thing to remember is that this is a marathon, not a sprint.

So, stay grounded, focused and consistent. As long as you are working with a carefully planned study schedule, you are bound to see your efforts paying off.

Best of luck!

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