How to design a logo for your company: 5 tips

How to design a logo for your company: 5 tips

We see it on product packaging. It scrolls across social media posts. Seemingly mysterious, but giving something away. Yes, that’s it, that’s the logo! We associate it with a brand. It makes us want to buy the product on which it is placed. But what should it be like to have such an effect on the recipient? How to make a company logo? Make a logo yourself, use the help of a professional studio, or even the logo generator Turbologo? Not an easy task, but doable.

Check out the tips in this text and let your logo triumph!

What is a logo?

A logo is a graphic symbol that characterizes a company or a brand. It is the basis of visual identity, i.e. a set of elements that communicates the brand inside and outside. Thanks to a logo we know who is responsible for creating a particular product, as well as whose information (e.g. in the form of social media posts) or advertisements are presented to us.

How do make a good company logo?

Logos must be effective if they are to be used by companies. In this case, we mean a situation in which a mark clearly communicates that this brand stands behind this product. Websites like, which offers AI tools to help you create memorable, creative logos, cater to this need.

Making a good logo for a company is not easy. You have to deal with a lot of thought and creative processes, and the tips below will help.

  • Don’t go crazy, simplicity is at a premium

It has been repeated for many years that simplicity in messages is most advisable. This also applies to logos. It should not be complicated. A good company logo is not a herd of horses galloping along a seaside beach towards the setting sun. The logo is not a painting on canvas capturing an amazing view, or a scene from the company’s life or country’s history. Instead, it must be legible and send a clear message.

  • Colors? No exaggeration, only three

Just as we shouldn’t make our logo a second «Battle of Grunwald», we can’t exaggerate with colors. It shouldn’t be a feast of colors that would make the viewer dizzy. The colors used in the logo should be well associated with the potential recipients. For these reasons, big brands decide on colors that have positive overtones in terms of emotions and associations. Among them we can find:

  • Blue – enhancing the impression of stability, trust, and confidence;
  • Red – which refers to love, something energetic, expressive;
  • Green – related to ecology, and nature, but also to trust;
  • Yellow – conveying energy, optimism;
  • Orange – is associated with dynamism, confidence, and also the pursuit of goals.
  • Don’t repeat, create something completely your own

There are already many brands on the market in the same industry. How to make a company logo? Focus on creating something completely new, your own, instead of repeating the usual patterns.

Break patterns, don’t be afraid to try something different that no one in the industry has done before, but also within reason so as not to overdo it in the other direction. In this way, the company’s logo will be visible on the market, which may translate into increased interest and, as a result, better sales of products and services.

  • Remember about universality

Something universal is for everything. A good company logo should also be created with this in mind. You cannot limit yourself to one publication channel, and you have to remember that the logo will appear everywhere possible. Whether it is the Internet (e.g. website, social media), or products, flyers, business cards, signage of the headquarters or stores, or company cars, this logo must look good.

  • Timelessness is also important

When thinking about how to make a company logo, we must also consider the aspect of its timelessness. We create a logo once for very long years. Therefore, we need to make sure that even in a few years it looks fresh and legible, and is not old-fashioned.

Legibility and simplicity are the foundations of a sign functioning successfully for many long years. If necessary, we can also use rebranding, which is refreshing all or particular elements of visual identification. We will adjust to the newest trends and the sign will be used successfully for many years.

  • How about a logo in the creator? Probably not

The presented tips are a signpost for those who are troubled by the question of how to make a company logo. Is it better to take a shortcut? Maybe make a logo in the creator? Well, probably not. Let us recall the simplest assumption of a logo – it is a graphic sign characteristic of the company. This already gives us food for thought. So what will we find in the creator? Mostly the same duplicated patterns and templates.

It will be a challenge to create a universal and timeless logo, which is something new. Even if we manage to design something interesting, we may feel limited by the free version and the requirement to pay to be able to do something more – e.g. use more functionality.

The wizard also has two major drawbacks. The first is the inability to create a brand book for the logo. The second disadvantage is the problem with getting a vector version of the file. So is creating in wizard bad? No, as long as we are talking about simple projects. It is a very convenient and fast tool. But if we are going to create graphics that are going to be crucial for the company, then wizard is not the best solution.

  • Logo in a graphic studio?

Definitely! How to make a company logo? But one that is good and effective? Outsource it to a graphic design studio. Why? Does it cost money? Let us not deceive ourselves – everything costs money. But you have to look at a logo from a completely different perspective. Yes, we spend money on it. But this cost is incurred only once. The logo works for our company for many years and earns more money than we spent on its creation. Besides, the design that the studio will make will be considered in many categories, especially marketing ones. So we will get a logo that will work effectively for us and distinguish the brand, building its professional image.


For a logo to be effective for a company, it has to be good. What can be understood by this? It should be simple, meaning easy to understand and remember. Only a well-designed logo, taking into account various marketing and psychological aspects, is effective.

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