Give Your Advice to Ankaka -Contest: First Prize $1000!

Deadline: December 31, 2012

Give an advice, feedback or suggestion to and win lots of $cash. is an online shopping website that supply international traders with a wide range of consumer electronics. is looking for the best advice, feedback or suggestion from you. This can be suggestions on how to improve their website, their marketing or even their product line.

It is not often an online shopping website will offer $1000 for a contest and it just goes to show how serious they are about being the market leader in this niche.


1. 1st Prize: $1000 USD
2. 2nd to 10th Prize: $100 Each, you will be offered with a preselected list of cool electronics gadgets to pick as your rewards.
3. Everyone else: $10 store credit (coupon)

How to enter?

Please choose either Facebook or Twitter to enter this contest.

1. Post your advice for to your own Facebook page
2. Write a comment to this post with your Facebook post address (please click on the date of your post to get the address)

1. Post your advice for to your own Twitter page
2. Reply to this tweet with your tweet address

Contact:  [email protected]

Results will be announced on the same day. If there are several same advices, only the one submitted the earliest will be considered.

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