2013 CNN Heroes Nomination Open!

Deadline: August 31, 2013

Nominations are now open for 2013 CNN Heroes. Do you know an everyday person changing the world? Nominate them as a CNN Hero. It is easy.

According to CNN,

It’s often said that just one person can make a difference, and CNN Heroes — everyday people changing the world — are evidence of that. But these outstanding men and women would not have received this honor without someone taking the time to nominate them.

Tell CNN about individuals who are giving back in your community, people whose selflessness and personal stories inspire you. Your efforts could have a big impact.

How to Nominate

• Think about what makes your hero special. Ask yourself: What makes my nominee unique? What specific accomplishment has he or she achieved that is truly remarkable? What impact has his or her work had on others? Watch videos of previous CNN Heroes to familiarize yourself with the achievements of the inspiring individuals we honor as “everyday people changing the world.”
• Take a look at the nomination form. Review the information requested about yourself, your nominee and his or her work before filling out your submission.
• Tell CNN about your hero. Take your time and write from the heart. Remember: What you share — in your own words — is the most important factor in advancing a nomination for further consideration. You can enter your answers to the essay questions directly on the form, or write them first in a word-processing document and “cut and paste” them into each answer field. Please note the information you provide will be used in accordance with our privacy policy.
• Click “Submit.” If your nomination has been successfully transmitted, you’ll see a “thank you” message on your screen. A confirmation email would sent to the email you provided about the receipt of your nomination.

For more information and to nominate, click here.