Join the UN Google+ Hangout on Youth Migration & Development

The United Nations is in the process of preparing its 2013 World Youth Report (WYR) on Youth Migration and Development. The Report will offer a multidimensional account and/or perspective of the life experiences of young migrants and young people affected by migration.

As part of on-going activities for the forthcoming UN World Youth Report 2013, the United Nations Focal Point on Youth is organizing a Google+ Hangout on 6 March 2013 at 11:00 AM EST. The Hangout will be hosted at the UN Google+ account at


  • The web-based event will offer an opportunity for young people, the UN and member states to discuss the issue of youth migration and development.
  • Youth will have the opportunity to ask questions related to strategies for enhancing the development potential of youth migration while mitigating associated risk in the migration process (i.e. pre-departure/departure, in-transit, arrival, post arrival, return or no return).
  • It also aims to explore the nexus between youth migration and key issues such as access to basic social services, social integration, remittances, migrant rights, the post 2015 development agenda and environmental change.

The Google+ Hangout will also feature a 15-minute live Q&A session with the panellists. Tweet your questions for panellists to @UN4Youth using #youthmigration, post your questions on the UNyouthyear Facebook page or submit your questions in the comment section below.

Panellists for this Google + Hangout include:

  • Bela Hovy, Chief. Migration Section. Population Division. UN/DESA;
  • Jo Rispoli, Regional Specialist on Labour Migration/Migration and Development (East and Southern Africa), IOM Regional Office, Pretoria;
  • Daniel Pettersson, First Secretary, Permanent Mission of Sweden to the United Nations;
  • Lonneke van Zundert, Youth representative and
  • Dynka Amorim, young immigrant activist and founder of Bué Fixe Magazine.

For further information or technical issues, please email the UN Focal Point on Youth at: [email protected] with the subject line: Youth Migration Google + Hangout


UN DESA is inviting the participation of young people aged between 15 to 35 years – Representatives of youth-led organizations will be invited to share their perspectives and experiences on youth and migration.

Efforts will be made to target young people who have no or limited access to internet or online platforms to facilitate their participation in the consultative process. This will be done mainly through youth migrant networks and other relevant youth organizations.

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