The Riot of Success


Wexperience it every day, either as perpetrators or victims. The hush, bustle, madness, shoving etc. are external representations of the disruptions that occur in our daily lives as we pursue our aims. Every day is like a riot for people living in industrialized cities, like Lagos, Nigeria.

However, as chaotic as the daily scenario we’re faced with every day appears, it is minor compared to the activities that take place within us. It’s hard to disagree with what someone once said that there is more activity/noise happening inside you than there is in Lagos or any busy city at the moment.

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A good example can be drawn from the guy whose music speakers are always booming at the highest volume, irrespective of how rationally appealing the song he is playing is. Does he need the volume to be at the highest to hear? No. Even if he is trying to beat boredom, we all know that music can do that without being so loud. His problem I think is trying to silence the noise or activity inside him; that voice that is constantly driving him to reach beyond his present comfort zone and achieve more for himself.

No amount of volume is louder than that the noise inside of us, that is why we often create the outside noise/activity/make-up as a smoke screen, to create a detour from our real thoughts and feelings. It is easy to get lost in the camouflages that we or the society has created for us. I observe that a true quality of successful people is their ability to be natural (their real selves). There is usually no need to cover up with any external activity or appearance, because enough time has been invested in dealing with the daily inner demands that I call the riots of success.

There is that innate desire in each o us to excel at something; this desire often creates an internal riot that places demands on our time, energy, dedication and level of discipline. We can choose to ignore the riot (cover it up with some noise, activity or make-up), or we can choose to heed to the internal disturbances and take decisive actions towards a better outcome. The riot of success in the end is one whose effect can be either detrimental and or resourceful, depending on our long and short term choices.