University of Pavia 2013/14 Fund for Cooperation and Knowledge

Deadline: May 10, 2013

Applications are invited from candidates from certain developing countries for the 2013/14 Fund for Cooperation & Knowledge – in and out of Pavia. The fund is created by the University of Pavia (UNIPV) and its students to provide scholarships to students from Developing Countries, who wish to study one year at the University of Pavia, and to UNIPV students who would like to spend some months in a Developing Country for studying, researching and/or training.

The Fund and the selection of the students are managed by a Committee composed by students, professors and officers of the University of Pavia, plus a representative of the DGDC, for a total of 15 members. The Committee will select – among the applicants – the students who will receive a scholarship for the Academic Year 2013-2014.

There is a call for applications currently opened to candidates from certain Developing Countries.


  • Applications are invited from candidates who are citizens of one of the Developing Countries reported in the World Bank list and classified as a low-income economy or as a lower-middle-income economy by the World Bank (see
  • You can apply also if you’re living in a country other than your Country of origin: for example, if you’re living in Italy.
  • You have to be born on/after the 1 January 1978.
  • Restrictions related to the academic area: you can apply only for one of the above mentioned course degrees.

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